How to add a screen recording on iPhone

Sharing the screenshot using the screen is the best way to share something catchy in the image file. But the best gameplay moments or on-screen tutorials are also fun these days as Apple has the best screen recording feature for iOS users to record screens and share them with others.

As an iPhone user, I often use screen recording to record any bugs, fix tutorials to share with others, and capture my best gaming moments to share with my followers on my Instagram and other platforms.

Though the Screen Recording feature is so popular among users, many geeks are unaware of it and don’t know how to add screen records on iPhone. Therefore, here are simple steps you need to follow to add screen record to iPhone Control Center to use it quickly.

How to add a screen recording on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select tap Control Center.
  3. In the list, tap the plus sign (+) next to Screen recording.

How to use screen recording on iPhone

After following the above three simple steps, the Screen Recording button will be added to the Control Center. To start screen recording, all you need to do is scroll down and tap on two nested circles (screen recording icon) to start the screen recording process. After tapping it, it takes about three seconds to start; you have to tap the same button again from Control Center to stop recording. The screenshot is saved in the recent feed of the Camera Roll section. You can access the recording from there and edit or share it with others.

When you start recording the screen while pressing the screen recording button, you can use the Microphone audio option to add your voice to the screen recording.

Did you follow the article and add the Screen Recording button to the Control Center? Need more tips? Don’t hesitate to ask for more help via the comment box.

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