How the iPhone overtook desktop computers

Has there been an invention that changed the world as much as the iPhone? You probably have to go back to television to find a new product that has had such an impact. Of course it is easy to see the impact of the smartphone now. In 2007, it wasn’t so clear whether it would be a success – there were, as we remember, many people predicting a quick death for the iPhone.

Those people were wrong. Even most people who predicted it would be successful were wrong — they underestimate how successful it would be. Today, iPhones are more popular than desktop computers. But how did we get here? As good as the first iPhone was, it was nowhere near the level of a desktop.

Improved design and use

The iPhone is a marvel of design. We mean, look at it – it’s all killer, no filler. And that design extends to the software as well. It’s amazingly intuitive to use, even more so than a desktop computer. There’s a pretty robust theory out there that suggests people are attracted to well-designed stuff, and on that front, Apple has it covered. Desktop computers look bloated by comparison.

Increase options

People may have always felt more connected to their iPhones than to their desktops, but in the past, some restrictions made their computers the only option for certain activities. Today that has all changed. Mobile-friendly POS systems, music applications and mobile casinos for iOS, just to name three activities, provide the exact same experience as a desktop, if not better. And with screens getting bigger and bigger, iPhone users are now even using their devices to stream videos that previously only made sense to watch on their larger desktop screen.

Antivirus and Security

The security issue held back the internet for a while. People were a little skeptical about uploading their personal information to a device – and rightly so; there used to be plenty of hacks and viruses. The iPhone largely won over desktops because it’s impenetrable – you’ve probably never heard of an iPhone user having to remove a virus from their smartphone. Most people who have used a desktop have experienced security issues in the past. The iPhone is the Fort Knox of the digital world and that gives confidence.

computing power

If you were to compare your current iPhone (if a recent model) to the first iPhone, you would notice a world of difference between the processing power of the two. The first iPhone showed a promise of things to come; the latest models are a realization of that dream. It is not true that smartphones are more powerful than desktops. But in real terms – like in the things you would want to do on the internet – they are more or less the same. You’ll only notice the difference if you’re doing RAM-intensive activities like video editing or design work. For the vast majority of people, the iPhone is all they need from their digital devices.

Integration with life

Finally, perhaps the biggest reason iPhones are now more popular than desktop computers is that, well, we’ve got our whole lives on them. Your desktop has photos, videos, and files, but they’re unlikely to be your phone, couch, game console, card, and everything else, all rolled into one brilliant device. People use their desktop for specific things. Smartphone users use their iPhones for everything. A person would love to be able to go four days without turning on their desktop, but four days without their iPhone? No chance.

The future

The iPhone made a big splash when it was a baby. Now it is a teenager. What will the iPhone look like when it’s a full-fledged adult? The general shift is away from desktops and towards smartphones, and there’s no reason to think this will change anytime soon. In fact, on the contrary – it is likely that we will pour Lake of our lives to our iPhone, and less to our desktop.

It’s hard to say exactly what Apple is working on regarding their signature device. It’s true that innovation has slowed down in recent years, with the latest models featuring more gimmicks than actually progressive technology. Still, it’s not like we’ve seen so much innovation in the desktop world. It seems likely that desktops will increasingly be used only for work purposes, with smartphones being used for everything else – and we mean everything else.

Final Thoughts

It took a while for the iPhone to make waves in a practical way. But when it happened, it caused a tsunami. The desktop computer did too. Will anything ever take the throne of Apple’s iPhone? If so, we can expect it to be earth-shattering.

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