How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay is a form of contactless payment option achievable on Apple devices. It is a form of digital payment that reduces the hassle of carrying physical forms of finances including cash, debit or credit cards.

The Apple Pay user allows users to pay with their iPhone or their Apple Watch with a single tap. If you are new to using Apple Pay and don’t have much idea, this article should answer all your questions in detail.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is functional in restaurants, malls, stores, etc. that accept contactless payments. You’d be surprised to learn that more than 75% of stores in the United States support Apple Pay. The number stands at 85% in the UK and 99% in Australia.

In addition to the physical stores, Apple Pay is also functional in various online stores that you visit via your Safari.

In addition, some modes of public transportation and NGOs also accept Apple Pay, making it one of the most common forms of contactless payment options.

How to set up Apple Pay on iPhone or iPad?

The first step in setting up an Apple Pay account is installing the Apple Wallet app. The users then have to enter their debit or credit card details into the Apple wallet, which stores the information for future transactions to be made with Apple Pay.

Here’s what to do:

  • Open Wallet . on your iPhone
  • In the app, you need to tap on Add credit or debit card or the “+” in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap Continue
  • Fill in the information on the screen they ask for
  • Once the bank has verified the information you entered, the information will be stored in your Wallet.
  • After verification is complete, tap Next and you are done with your Apple Pay account.

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone?

Once you’ve set up your Apple Pay, how do you use it to make payments in real time? This is a common question that most users have.

There are two factors you should use for your Apple Pay – Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna and Touch ID or Face ID. The latter depends on the iPhone model you are using. Apple Pay is currently functional in iPhone 6 and later.

For touch ID – double tap the touch ID and then long press it until the screen says “Hold Near Reader”. This will scan the Apple Pay details and verify the transaction.

For Face ID – press the sleep/wake button on the iPhone twice. Authorize and verify your identity using the Face ID. Once the authorization is complete, your screen will display “Hold Near Reader”. Tap it near reading and the transaction will proceed.

If the Touch ID or Face ID doesn’t work, users can manually enter their passcode to verify the transaction.

Once the transaction is complete, a receipt is generated in the Apple Wallet app so you can keep track of all your expenses.

Where is Apple Pay available?

Considering iPhones are available worldwide, you’d think Apple Pay is functional in all those countries, right? Unfortunately that is not the case.

Apple Pay is currently available in 40 countries. You can find more about the countries here.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Since Apple Pay is an Apple product, it is 100% secure. The Wallet app does not store any details about the transaction data or even the card numbers, so there is no third-party risk involved.

Apple Pay uses a tokenized backend infrastructure, which stores the card data as tokens that are refreshed with a new number after each successful transaction.

The device account number is also protected with security elements and encryption, so that’s an extra layer of security that users don’t have to worry about. In case someone loses their iPhone, they can log into the iCloud and clear the personal data for safekeeping.


Apple Pay is a functional and integral payment option for millions of people worldwide. If you didn’t know how it works, we hope this article gives you all the detailed information you need to know about the app.

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