How do you know if someone has blocked your number on iPhone?

Don’t you get annoyed or angry when someone doesn’t answer your calls or texts? There could be a few reasons for this, either they are out of the network coverage area or they may be ignoring you or worse, they could have blocked you. Let’s say your number is blocked, but how do you know for sure? On WhatsApp, we can easily find out whether we are blocked or not, but what about blocking calls or text messages on iPhone.

But before you assume all the circumstances, make sure you’ve gone through all the other aspects of not answering. Like they turned off the phone, the phone’s battery is dead, no mobile network coverage, the phone is in Airplane mode/NST mode, a problem with their SIM card, lost their phone etc. If you are gone because of this If we still don’t receive anything then we can say that they have blocked your phone number. There are a few ways you can find out if you have been blocked or not.

6 Methods to Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iPhone

  1. If you are blocked by someone, you may not see the iMessage option and the blue speech bubbles when you try to send text messages. Instead of blue, it could be a green bubble text message, or you’ll see a “Not Delivered” message.
  2. If an iMessage is not delivered, we can assume that their iPhone is not connected to the internet. In this scenario, you can right-click on a sent iMessage and select Send as Text Message. Check if you have received a response to your text message. If not, then most likely that person has blocked you or may be ignoring you.
  3. If you’re blocked, you may hear only one ring before being notified that the number is busy. In this case, you may receive responses such as out of coverage area, unavailable, inaccessible, and so on.
  4. When you call someone who has blocked you, you get voicemail. You can leave a voicemail, which is listed in the “Blocked” section at the bottom of their voicemail screen. If they want, they can listen to it. However, most people ignore voicemails in the “Blocked” category.
  5. When you make a call on FaceTime whether you are blocked or not, it has the same unresponsive ringtone and no status like “calling”, “calling”, etc., on the screen. If you are contacting someone on FaceTime and the message “FaceTime not available” is constantly showing, it suggests that the person is ignoring your calls or their FaceTime is not activated, that there is currently no Wi-Fi connection, or that you are blocked on their iPhone. As a result, you cannot FaceTime, iMessage, SMS or call that person.
  6. Turning off your caller ID and then calling that person is one of the methods to see if someone has blocked your number or not. So dial *67 before calling that person’s phone number. It hides your phone number and shows ‘Private’, ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Restricted’ for that person. You can also hide your Caller ID from iOS settings by disabling your Caller ID.

Can you tell if someone has blocked you on iPhone?

You should keep in mind that these methods given above will only show you if someone has blocked you or not. These methods are not there to let them unblock you. If you don’t want to follow these methods or are still unsure whether it is correct or not, you can directly ask the person who blocked you about it.

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