How do I fix “Move to iOS not working for WhatsApp”?

Have you been a dedicated Android user so far and planning to switch to an iOS device? If yes, then you are in luck as Apple has introduced their Move to iOS app which allows you to transfer all your existing data from your Android device to your iOS device.

The great thing about this app is the acaccessibility. You can easily navigate the process in no time. But what happens if you try to move your WhatsApp data from your Android to your iOS device?

Is it stuck? Does the Move to iOS app show runtime errors when you use it to transfer data from WhatsApp? Rest assured that the problem is quite normal and can be resolved. We will discuss more about that in this article.

Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS with Move to iOS?

The move to iOS is a fairly new upgrade that Apple has introduced for their new iOS users moving over from Android.

So if you are wondering if you can use it for your WhatsApp data, the answer is yes. It allows you to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS using the app.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download the Move to iOS app on your Android smartphone
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts and wait for the app to send a code to your iPhone
  3. You must enter the same code on your Android device
  4. Tap Continue
  5. Select WhatsApp in the Transfer data option
  6. Click “Start” on your Android device and then it’s all a waiting game until all data is successfully transferred from Android to iOS device.

Once the process is complete, a “transfer completed” message will appear on the screen.

Why does the Move to iOS option show an error for WhatsApp?

There could be multiple reasons why the “Move to iOS” app is not performing properly for the WhatsApp data. Ideally, we recommend that you check the list of mentioned factors.

Some reasons why the app is not working are:

  • Android smartphone is not updated to the latest version of the operating system.
  • Your iPhone will not work on iOS 15.5 or later.
  • Your WhatsApp is not updated to the latest version, namely WhatsApp Android version
  • Your Android and iPhone devices are connected to different networks.
  • Your Android and iPhone are connected to different power sources.

If any of these factors predominate, it will affect the transferring process and display the runtime error you notice while trying to update your iOS device.

How to fix if Move to iOS not working properly?

Now that you have an idea why your Move to iOS feature is not working properly, let’s move on to the next step in the process. How can you solve it?

Ideally, the steps are very simple. You don’t have to do much.

Following are some of the quick fixes that work:

Restart both devices

If you find the Move to iOS feature crashing while trying to update your WhatsApp data, the simplest solution is to reboot both the Android and iOS devices.

Sometimes the problem usually lies with the software error. It can also be a bug problem with the operating system. What you can do in that case is to follow the steps to reboot both the Android and iOS devices and start the process all over again.

If the problem persists then it is most likely process related or your phones are not compatible with the new feature.

Turn on airplane mode

Not many users realize this, but network interception is another reason why your WhatsApp data transfer is not smooth with Move to iOS feature.

What you can do to avoid that is turn on airplane mode. This removes the network interruptions and allows the process to run smoothly.

Kill the background applications

If you have many applications running in the background, that is another reason why you may be having problems with WhatsApp data transfer. What you can do in that case is to delete all those background apps on both Android and iOS devices and start the process all over again.

This particular trick will also come in handy if you are connected to a VPN. So try this out too.


If none of the above tricks work for you, the last resort is to look for another PC-based or mobile data transfer app that will help you transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS device. It can be a bit complicated. But it’s all worth it. All you need to do is make sure you are using reliable third party apps.

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