How do I enable Karaoke on Apple Music in iOS 16.2?

Apple recently launched its Apple Music Sing, a karaoke feature in their new iOS 16.2 update. Since it is one of those unexpected features, it is not surprising that users still don’t know how to enable said feature.

How to Use Apple Music Sing Karaoke?

What is great about this new karaoke feature is the availability of real-time lyrics, voice modulation and also customizable vocal options.

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With this feature, users can now update their Apple Music app to sing duets and enjoy the whole karaoke experience with backing vocals. This is a new feature that Apple is currently testing, which means you won’t regret using it in real time.

Currently, you must have access to the iOS 16.2 update and be an Apple Music subscriber to use this new feature. We will discuss this feature further in this article.

How to enable Apple Music Sing function?

When it comes to the new Apple Music Sing feature, rest assured that this new feature is only available for iOS 16.2 users and you should also have the latest updated version of the Apple Music app.

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If you want to use the new Karaoke feature, your first step is to open a particular song you want to listen to on Apple Music. Since Apple doesn’t do anything halfheartedly, rest assured that the feature will be accessible to every song available on Apple Music.

Once you open the song, navigate to the bottom right corner to find the speech bubble. This also allows for real-time lyrics on the display. The volume slider that you see in the top right corner of the screen allows you to adjust the vocals according to your needs.

And that’s all you need to kick-start your karaoke party with friends, family or all by yourself. You don’t have to break any barriers to access this feature, which is always appreciated.

Which devices will get the Apple Music Sing feature with iOS 16.2?

If your device receives the new iOS 16.2 update, chances are you can also access the Apple Music Sing feature.

The great thing about this karaoke feature is that it is not only available for iPhones, but also for iPads and the latest Apple TV from 2022.

So your party can start anywhere with you. All you need to know is how to kickstart the process with this new feature.

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