How do I activate CarPlay on iOS 14?

The introduction of the iOS 14 update has sparked a series of opinions from eager and enthusiastic iPhone users. While some people are excited about the design element upgrades, some users are looking forward to the new functional updates with the new iOS version.

Despite everything, Apple hasn’t forgotten about their much-loved CarPlay feature in their iOS 14 updates. There are a few small but substantial changes that users can really look forward to.

The CarPlay iOS 14 has a stunning layout and probably also works a lot better than the previous version. If your car supports CarPlay functionality and your iPhone has already been upgraded to the latest iOS 14, you have all the features lined up for the time of day.

This article discusses all the steps you need to follow to activate CarPlay on iOS 14.

Check compatibility

The first step to activate CarPlay on your iOS 14 is to analyze whether your car and your iPhone support this feature. There are currently more than 600 car models that are compatible with the CarPlay function.

As for your phone, you need an iPhone 5 and above to connect to carplay. However, the availability of iOS 14 is still limited. Not every iPhone user has access to this upgraded operating system yet.

After checking the compatibility, the next step to activate your CarPlay on iOS 14 is to pair the devices.

Pairing the car and iPhone

To wirelessly connect CarPlay to your iPhone to use the feature, you need to do the following:

  • Open your iPhone
  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to General then tap CarPlay

Then you need to pair your car model with iPhone through this CarPlay option on the phone. Once connected and paired, save the car for future use so you don’t have to fix it every time you get in the car.

When you pair it for the first time, make sure your Bluetooth switch is turned on on the iPhone running iOS 14. As it searches and scans for the nearest devices, look for “Other devices” available at the bottom of the screen.

From there, you can select your car and then follow the on-screen instructions to successfully pair the two.

Activate CarPlay on iOS 14

After you pair your iPhone with the CarPlay feature, you will notice that the car’s display has a larger display than your iPhone’s home screen.

So not only is the feature activated in your car, you can also use it to play songs, change the background display and even listen to songs and podcasts while driving. It also allows you to take calls and answer texts as needed.


The iOS 14 has introduced a series of great new features to the CarPlay functionality available for a few select car models. It not only streamlines the use of the users while driving, but also makes everything safe and hands-free.

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