Get early access to iOS 16 on iPhone 13, 12, 11 and older models

Every iPhone user has admired the new iOS 16’s lock screen customization feature since Apple showcased it at the WWDC software event in June. Even we tried to customize iOS 16 lock screens, which looked great. We also saw many great iOS 16 lock screen designs. However, iOS 16 is still days away from its official release; people are looking for a way to get iOS 16 early to test the new lock screen personalization feature.

Recently, Apple also announced the release of iOS 16 and iPhone 14, which will take place on September 7, 2022. Why wait for the Apple Event 2022? You can download iOS 16 on your iPhone and enjoy all the new great features for the final release. Want to get iOS 16 on iPhone sooner? If so, we’ve prepared an easy guide to early install iOS 16 for free.

How to get iOS 16 early?

Remark: Before starting the process, make sure that your iPhone is compatible with the iOS 16 update. It would help if you also keep on your iPhone that you have made a perfect backup of your data to avoid accidental loss as bugs are possible.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and go to
  2. You will see “Download beta profiles.” Tap iOS 16 and continue.
  3. Now you see”iOS 16 beta profile” and you have to tap “Install profile.”
  4. You may see a pop-up on the screen and you need to click “Allow” and “Close to.”
  5. Now the iOS 16 beta software profile will be downloaded to your iPhone.
  6. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Profile downloaded.”
  7. Press on the “to install” option and enter the device passcode for permission.
  8. Tap the Install option again and the iOS 16 beta profile will be installed.
  9. When it asks for a reboot, tap the “Restarting” choice.
  10. Navigate to “General” in “Settings.”
  11. Search and open”Software update.”
  12. Touch “Download and install
  13. When a terms and conditions page appears, click the “Agree” choice.
  14. The latest beta version of iOS 16 for developers is downloaded. Once it’s downloaded, tap “Install now.”

After following the steps above, you have installed the new iOS 16 on your iPhone and you can explore the new features of iOS 16 updates to the world.

After trying the new iOS 16 lock screen and other features, don’t forget to share your feedback about the new iOS 16. Did you enjoy the new iOS 16? Which feature do you like the most? Share your iOS 16 review in the comment box.

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