FTX app not working on iPhone: Fixed

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange FTX app is facing a backlash as people from the UK report that the FTX app is not working. Several regular users of the FTX app have reported that the FTX app login needs to be restored on Twitter and other social media platforms. Most of the Tweets claim that the app is asking users to log in again.

Even after retrying to login to the FTX app on iOS, FTX should still be fixed and users will be able to login and access the app. Since dozens of users reported the bug in the FTX app, we searched for a solution. If you are facing the problem of FTX app not working on your iPhone, you can try this method to fix this annoying problem. Without further ado, let’s try to fix the bug.

Methods Solve the problem of FTX app not working.

  1. Developers suggested that users update FTX app to the latest version to fix FTX app issue. To do this, go to the App Store > Profile > Tap Update next to the FTX app in the list.
  2. Another method that worked for many users is uninstalling the FTX app and installing the app from the App Store to fix the FTX not working issue.
  3. If the iPhone has received the latest iOS update, it would be helpful to fix the FTX app not working issue.
  4. Also, make sure you set the correct region in the app.
  5. There may be something wrong with the Wi-Fi network connection. Therefore, try switching to the other network.


Updating to the latest version of FTX app can fix the issue of FTX app not working on iPhone. Did it work for you? What other methods do you know? Leave your feedback in the comment box.

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