Fix: iOS 16 Developer Mode not showing

For the developers and testers, Apple has introduced a new developer mode feature on iOS 16. Therefore, you no longer need to install the beta version to install the IPA file, run a build, or run Xcode. Those who recently installed iOS 16 on their iPhone are struggling because the iOS 16 developer mode is not displayed.

According to Apple, users can enable Developer Mode on iOS 16 by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode at the bottom under Lockdown Mode. Users can enable this option there. However, developer mode is not visible on iPhone after iOS 16 update. Since many users have complained about iOS 16 developer mode not showing the problem, here we have the working method to get iOS 16 developer mode on iOS 16.

How to Fix iOS 16 Developer Mode Not Showing

  1. Go to the
  2. Download iTunes for your supported device and set up and restart your PC.
  3. Download now sideloadly for your system.
  4. Click the version and select Allow.
  5. Now drag the file to Applications on Mac or click OK on Windows PC.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  7. Go to now.
  8. Tap View next to Developer Mode.
  9. Click Get & Allow.
  10. Now click sideloadly to open.
  11. Click Yes and then OK.
  12. Enter the password and click Allow.
  13. Now open the mail app.
  14. Click Preferences.
  15. Click Manage Plugins.
  16. Click for sideloadlyplugin.mailbundle and then Allow access.
  17. Then click Apply and Restart Email.
  18. Clock the mail app.
  19. Now from the sideloadly popup, drag the developer mode IPA file to the sideloadly.
  20. Now click on iDevice and enter the Apple ID detail. We recommend using a temporary Apple ID.
  21. Then tap Start and wait.
  22. Once the process is complete. Go to the iPhone home screen.
  23. Click on if you can’t verify.
  24. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > tap New Apple ID under Developer App.
  25. Tap Trust the Apple ID. Tap Trust again.
  26. Now go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode and turn on the switch.

That is it.

After following the long process and steps from the guide above, you can finally get Developer Mode on iOS 16. Hope you followed the steps above and got Developer Mode option on your iPhone with iOS 16 update.


Using sideloadly on iPhone and installing Developer Mode IPA via fixes iOS 16 developer mode not showing the issue. Do you know another way to solve this? Don’t hesitate to tell us through the comment box.

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