Facebook groups will soon be like Discord

Facebook groups

Meta-owned Facebook announced on Tuesday that it is testing some new features for Facebook groups, including channels.

According to the announcement, Facebook group admins can now create channels in the groups that are focused spaces where people can connect in smaller, more casual environments within their communities, where they can have deeper discussions about common interests, or organize their communities around topics in different areas. formats.

The administrators can create three types of channels: Community Chat Channels, Community Audio Channels, and Community Feed Channels.

The Community chat channels feature is a platform where people can message, collaborate and build deeper relationships around topics in both Facebook groups and Messenger in a more real-time way.

“So if you’re in your new group of BBQ enthusiasts and need real-time feedback as you try your first brisket, an admin can create a chat for that,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

Another feature is: Community audio channelswhich allows admins and members to jump in and out of audio conversations in real time in the groups they already belong to, a feature very similar to the Discord voice chats.

Finally, the Community feed channels are a way for community members to connect when it suits them best. Facebook says admins can organize their communities around topics within the group so members can connect around more specific interests.

“For example, if you are a member of a group of barbecue enthusiasts, there may be a feed channel where you can post and comment on smokers,” the company added.

Facebook has also announced that it is testing a new sidebar that will allow users to quickly find their favorite Facebook groups on the platform. Besides the groups that users follow, the sidebar also shows the latest activity within them, such as new messages or new chats that are invisible in the group. Moreover, the users can pin their favorite groups so that they appear first, discover new groups or even create their own groups.

The social media giant is also improving the way each group is organized through a new in-group menu, which will include things like events, stores and a variety of channels to make it easier for users to connect with others on the topics covered. they like.

Currently, all new Facebook Groups features are in the testing phase, which we can expect to be available to all users in the coming months.

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