Enable Incognito Mode on iPhone

Did you know that browsers like Safari or Chrome or Firefox offer an option that allows you to keep your web browser page private. But how to use each privately in the web browser is a big question. In this article, I’ll show you how to enable incognito mode on your iPhone to search privately in your web browser. You can enable the incognito in your iPhone and Mac browsers, which is a method of going private in the web browser. This guarantees that your data will not be saved once you close your browser windows. The basic idea is the same; open a private window in your browser and no activity will be logged or saved during the session. Let’s go into more detail.

What is Incognito Mode?

Also known as “private browsing mode,” Incognito mode is a more private method of using the Internet. Every online browser has an incognito mode which is ideal for completing any work that needs to be kept hidden. It prevents your web browser from storing information about you and your data while you browse the web. When you use incognito mode to browse the web, you leave no trace of anything on the device you are using. Your browser no longer keeps track of your browsing history, search engine history, autofill information, cookies, and doesn’t even remember which sites you’ve logged into or even your username and password.

How to use incognito mode?

Nevertheless, Incognito mode is excellent for maintaining privacy on a busy or shared device. It is ideal if you share your computer or phone with others after closing the window. Keep in mind that if you don’t close the private tab, Safari will track your visited site and activities. No one else can see what you’ve done because no data is saved after you close the tab. But of course nothing is recorded in history. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you close all private tabs before closing your private browsing session.

How to turn on incognito mode on iPhone?

  1. Go to Safari.
  2. Click the Tabs button in the lower right corner of our screen. If you’re using iPadOS, look at the top right of our screen.
  3. Click the Home page option.
  4. Click Private.
  5. Click the + sign to open a new private browsing tab.
  6. When you’re done with incognito mode, click the tab button, then Private, then Home.

How does incognito mode work?

Aside from protecting your privacy and not leaking information to third parties’ incognito mode, your browsing history is often kept which can still be accessed by your ISP, at least the browsing history is not stored on your device or visible anywhere on your iPhone. And websites you visit are also aware of your presence and what you searched and how much time you spent on their site. They can also monitor you if you are using a Wi-Fi network provided by your workplace, school, or company.

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