Eject Water on iPhone with Siri Shortcut in iOS 15

I often travel to the beach with my iPhone 11. I love to shoot upside down videos on beaches and lakes from my iPhone. Most of the time my iPhone gets water splashes and water gets into the speakers at the bottom. At that time, only the Siri iPhone water eject shortcut helps to clear the my iPhone anhydrous† Water Eject shortcut is now officially the first shortcut with over 100,000 downloads after iOS 15 update.

I heard about this before Siri Shortcut Eject Water to remove water from iPhone using very low frequency sound. But never use this feature until my iPhone 11 got water while I was traveling in Goa. When the water got into my iPhone 11, I tried to eject the Siri Shortcut with water before going to a repair shop. Surprisingly, it worked. Today I will share a full guide to use Siri Shortcut to remove water from iPhone.

Eject Water from iPhone with Siri Shortcut in iOS 15

Many people are also wondering how to enable water ejection on iPhone. But there is no button or option to do it easily. It’s a bit of a difficult task. Let’s find out!

Before going to the process below, you need to enable ‘Allow untrusted shortcuts’ in your iPhone’s settings under the Shortcuts section.

  1. Open every browser on your iPhone.
  2. Tap this link to view the “Eject watershortcut.
  3. Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Add the shortcut
  4. Once the shortcut is added, tap it to start the eject process.
  5. At the top, tap the “Start water ejection” option and wait for the process to complete.

Once the Water Eject shortcut is created on your iPhone, you can use it with a simple tap or ask Siri to start the water eject process to remove the water from iPhone.

This Water Eject Siri Shotcut is compatible with iPhones with iOS 14 and iOS 15 update. So when you start the water eject process, make sure your device is running iOS 14 or iOS 15.

Is the water ejection shortcut safe?

Speaking of the security of the Water Eject, this is the powerful Siri Shortcut developed for iOS premium devices only. It can protect the device from water damage by generating an ultra-low sound wave at a frequency of 165 Hz that propels moisture from the speaker cavity system.

If you need more help in removing water from your iPhone, you can ask us for more support through the comment box.

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