Eggy Go iOS download and release date

Ever since Netease Games Global announced the release of Eggy Go for iOS, iPhone users have been excited to download Eggy Go. Even the latest Google Trend is full of searches related to Eggy Go iOS download for iPhone.

As mobile gaming has taken the world by storm, gamers are eager to spend more time playing multiplayer games on iPhones. Eggy Go is the latest addition to the egg party egg quote world. Once you jump into the world of Eggy Go, achieve your breakthrough and compete with other eggies in the craziest obstacles and courses.

At the Eggy Go party, the player can get a hyper-responsive physics engine to protect against every hit and bounce. Then send your opponents to other places in chaotic clashes.

The game follows the game of egg waffles to flip, jump, roll, speed up and break all kinds of amazing levels!

Players will also love the new Eggy Island, where each eggy works to be the best and last eggy. Users can use bombs, freezing, electric shocks and even fart tricks. Many falls can be avoided by raising doors, running fans and flipping the floor.

There is also a workshop where the player can create new levels and create the scenes. They can also challenge and adjust the map.

How to download Eggy Go on IOS

You cannot download Eggy Go iOS as the developers are working on a stable version for iPhone in the App Store soon. However, you can visit the official website, send an email, select an iOS device and pre-register for the Eggy Go beta.

Eggy Go release date for iOS iPhone

There is no official release date for Eggy Go iOS or Android yet; we can expect the game to release in the first month of 2023.

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