Download Internet Explorer for Windows 11

Download Internet Explorer for Windows 11

Despite being decades old now, Internet Explorer is still one of the best web browsers out there. Even today, there are several old web applications and services such as outdated educational websites, government websites, etc. that can only be accessed with Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, the browser that once had a usage share of 95% did not make it to the new Windows 11 operating system. As a result, people using Windows 11 desktops and laptops simply cannot download IE and start using it on their computers.

That said, you can still use Internet Explorer on a Windows 11 PC by using the Internet Explorer Mode in Windows 11

In this article, we have shared a detailed tutorial on: How to download Internet Explorer for Windows 11

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How to enable Internet Explorer mode in Windows 11?

To enable Internet Explorer mode on a Windows 11 PC, we use the infamous Microsoft Edge web browser. Follow each of the steps carefully.

STEP 1: First launch the Microsoft Edge web browser and open the three-dot menu in the top right corner.


STEP 2: Then select Settings and open the Default browser tab.


STEP 3: In the Internet Explorer Compatibility section, search for Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode and select Allow from the drop-down menu.


STEP 4: Once that’s done, hit the restart button and wait for Microsoft Edge to restart.

Finally you can now open your old web applications and services and they will work flawlessly. By following the same steps, you can even manually add web pages in Internet Explorer mode. Once added, these web pages will only open in IE mode.

How do I install Internet Explorer on Windows 11?

Fortunately, it is possible to download and install the Internet Explorer installation file on a Windows 11 PC.

That said, even after installation, you can only launch Microsoft Edge.

How do I install Internet Explorer on Windows 11?

After installing IE on a PC with Windows 11, you can no longer find the installed browser anywhere. The Internet Explorer installation file on the Microsoft website is only compatible with Windows 7 PCs with Service Pack 1.

According to the latest update from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11 (the latest version of IE) will be discontinued and will no longer be supported on June 15, 2022.

So it’s best to use Internet Explorer mode within Microsoft Edge to access old services.

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So this was a simple and easy to follow guide on: Using Internet Explorer for Windows 11

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