Does iPhone 14 Pro come unlocked?

Are you all set to upgrade your iPhone collection with the all new and opulent iPhone 14 Pro? Well, then your wait is over now, as Apple has finally unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 14 series, and users around the world are appreciating the same.

However, you must have known that iPhone is always available in a locked version. Locked here means a carrier-imposed lock that prevents the phone from working on another mobile network.

But what if you want the unlocked version of iPhone? Is it available? If so, how many dollars do you have to spend to own the same? If these questions are bothering you, don’t worry, you’ve landed on the right-most link.

Here we have mentioned quick information to unlock phones while explaining the price of the unlocked version of iPhone 14 pro.

What are unlocked and locked phones?

Now, before you opt for the unlocked version of the iPhone 14 Pro, it is good to understand what exactly these terms define. Locked phones are mainly referred to the device with a carrier-imposed software code that usually prevents the smartphone from using another mobile network.

On the other hand, unlocked phones give you complete freedom to connect to any compatible network so you never have to deal with call dropouts or other issues.

While locked phones are still common around the world, unlocked devices are now gaining popularity for a number of reasons, such as:

  • International Savings
  • Trade-in value
  • Freedom and flexibility

Additionally, unlocked phones are often considered a good option for international travelers who want to regularly upgrade phones to take advantage of the benefit.

Has Apple launched the unlocked version of the iPhone 14 Pro?

Congratulations iPhone fans, as Apple has entered the world of unlocked phones with its iPhone 14 series. You can opt for a locked or unlocked version of iPhone 14, based on your preference and choice.

However, since benefits come at a price, you have to pay a little extra to own an unlocked version of the iPhone 14. While the base version of the iPhone 14 retails in the US for $799, the unlocked version is $30 more than the base value and starts at $829. Similarly, the base version of the iPhone 14 Plus starts from $929, but the price of the unlocked version jumps to $929.

However, the price change will not apply to those who plan to invest in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max series, as the final cost for these iPhones will remain the same for both versions.


That’s all. Gone are the days when consumers clung to the carrier, now they have more freedom than ever when it comes to buying smartphones.

With such factor in mind, Apple has included this concept in the newly launched iPhone 14 series. So, what’s stopping you now? Pre-order the phone now and enjoy the best wireless experience ever.

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