Does iOS 16 Cut Out Feature Work on iPhone X?

The introduction of the new iOS 16 has brought many improvements in the overall user experience of the users. In addition to the new features such as editing messages, sending and undoing messages, and their fascinating features – Photo Cutout.

Not many users are aware of this new feature, but if you are and it doesn’t work on your iPhone X, there could be multiple reasons for it.

This innovative feature comes in handy in several ways. But if you are confused about how to use this unique feature, you have come to the right place. This article discusses all the details you may need to know about the iOS 16 disable feature.

What is the iOS 16 Photo Cut-out feature?

If you’re not good at editing different photos, chances are you’ll get a little confused about editing or removing certain elements from your image.

That’s where the iOS 16 Photo Cutout feature comes into play, especially when you want to cut out the important subjects of a particular photo.

With the crop photo feature on iOS, you can long-press on a subject in a photo and crop it out of the image in no time. The feature only works with photos you’ve saved in your Photos app on iPhone.

Why iOS 16 Photo Cutout Feature Not Working on iPhone X?

If you own an iPhone X and the unique Photo Cut-out feature isn’t working on your device, there could be several reasons for this.

The most common reason is the incompatibility of the iOS 16 software update you downloaded to your device. There is a chance that your device may not have the latest and stable version of iOS 16, that’s why the photo clipping feature won’t work on your iPhone X.

In addition, problems with the Photos app can also be a reason why you cannot use the Photo Cut-out feature.

How to Fix iOS 16 Photo Cutout Feature Not Working on iPhone X?

It is common knowledge that if your device supports iOS 16, you can access the Photo Cut-out feature. Be in his iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

But if the same doesn’t work, the first thing you need to do is identify what’s causing the problem. Some of the possible easy solutions are:

1. Ensure file format compatibility

Only a handful of file formats are compatible with the iOS 16 Photo Cut-out feature. These include TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, DIB, ICO, CUR, and XBM. For videos, the compatible formats are M4V, MP4, MOV and AVI.

If your photos or videos where you want to use the photo cropping feature are not in the above formats, chances are the feature won’t work.

2. Check the chipset of the device

Another crucial factor that is important to check is the chipset of the device. If the device runs on a chipset below the A12 bionic chip, the iOS 16 photo crop function will not work in that case.

Since the feature involves a lot of AI processing, it’s not surprising that you need a stable and powerful chipset to support that. If the iPhone X doesn’t have the same powerful processor it needs, that could be one reason why the crop photo feature isn’t working.

3. Reset the settings

Sometimes the reason why iOS 16 Photo Crop feature is not working on your iPhone X is because of a software issue.

The easiest and fastest way to fix the problem is to reset the settings on your iPhone. If you don’t want to take the confusing and more difficult route, we recommend that you soft reboot your iPhone.

After the iPhone is turned back on, check whether the functions work normally or not.


The iOS 16 Photo cut-out feature is one of the most innovative features Apple has launched to date. But if it’s not working on your iPhone X, we’ve listed some reasons why and what you can do to fix it. Make sure to focus on identifying the problem first. Also check the software update status of the device and make sure everything is up to date.

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