Do I need to upgrade to iOS 16.1.1?

Apple has released its current 2 major updates i.e. iOS 16.1.1 stable version and iOS 16.2 beta 2 versions to the public. These are two major updates, not in size, but in fixes and improvements. Since there were many bugs in iOS 16.1, Apple put a lot of pressure to fix those issues with the next update of iOS 16.1.1.

IOS 16.1.1 is not a very big update, it is only about 277 megabytes on iPhone 12 Pro, the size of this update may be different depending on the iPhone model you are using. If your iPhone is running an older version of iOS, your iOS 16.1.1 upgrade will be bigger because it includes the changes from previous iOS releases that you ignored.

Apple has put forth the release notes of iOS 16.1.1, which basically lists all the security patches that iOS 16.1.1 has to offer. In these security patches, Apple lists two major security vulnerabilities in libxml2, identified as CVE-2022-40303 and CVE-2022-40304, which could allow an attacker to execute code remotely. None of the bugs addressed in iOS 16.1.1 have been used in real attacks, but we have to be careful.

The users might be a little disappointed after installing iOS 16.1.1 as it may have said it fixes all the problems that were there in iOS 16.1 but the battery issue and Wi-Fi connection issues remain. It did say that the Wi-Fi connection issue has been resolved in iOS 16.1.1, but there are still many users who claim that this issue has not been resolved on their phone even after installing iOS 16.1.1.

Talking about the performance of the application after the update, all third-party applications are working fine, the performance is more improved than expected. According to some, the battery list is currently stable, but there is still some debate going on among the users as some are still having issues with the battery draining. If you compare iOS 16.1 to iOS 16.1.1, both run at the same speed, but with a small improvement in performance.

If you are still not sure if you need to upgrade your compatible device to iOS 16.1.1 then I think you should go for it as there are many important security patches that Apple has provided this time which is to our advantage and to protect privacy and security. So if you want to look from a security point of view, iOS 16.1.1 is your man. If you plan on getting more stability and bug fixes, especially for Wi-Fi connectivity, then I suggest you wait for iOS 16.2 as it’s already in beta testing and Apple is really working hard to fix the bugs that are currently all its users have faced. Ultimately, the choice is always yours.

Let us know in the comment what you think about iOS 16.1.1 and if you think you should upgrade your device to iOS 16.1.1 or wait for iOS 16.2.

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