Do I need to update to iOS 16?

iOS 16 is now finally live! If you checked the Settings app, you may have seen a prompt to download and install iOS 16 now. If you’re excited enough to check out all the new stuff in the latest update, you must already have iOS 16 installed on your iPhone.

However, if in doubt, you may not have immediately considered installing iOS 16. And it’s a good thing never to rush anything. If you are wondering whether you should install iOS 16 update on your iPhone, this article will give you some reasons to update iOS 16 and reasons not to install it.

Why should you update to iOS 16?

After about four months of beta testing, iOS 16 is available with some cool new features that will make your iPhone experience even better. Here are some reasons to install iOS 16 right away.

Lock screen customization

If you like to play with wallpapers and like customization on your iPhone, iOS 16 has a completely new, redesigned lock screen.

You can set multiple lock screens and switch between them with a single tap. Allows you to add widgets to the lock screen. In addition, you can even change the font of time and date. One of the cool features is the depth mode, which gives a sharp and deep focus to the subject on the lock screen by placing a partial time font behind the subject.

New changes to iMessage

If you are like me, who uses iMessage more than other social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, you will love the improved iMessage.

iOS 16 has made it possible to undo messages, edit the sent messages, recover deleted messages within 30 days and mark messages as unread.

New security features

Security is paramount at Apple, which is why new security features have been added to iOS 16.

For example, iOS 16 has new features such as quick security responses, lock mode, and Face ID that work in landscape mode.

Privacy has been improved

Privacy is fundamental at Apple and great new features are added with iOS 16.

I like the lock on recently deleted and hidden photos in Photos app. So now no one can see these photos without Face ID or a passcode.

Pasteboard permission, media streaming improvements and a new security check are introduced.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

With iOS 16, there’s a whole new way to share your photos with others.

You can share selected photos with up to five other people. This feature won’t be available until later this year.

New CarPlay

Several new features have been added to CarPlay in iOS 16. But like iCloud Shared Photo Library, this feature will also be available in 2023.

Why not install iOS 16?

If you are skeptical about installing, you are not wrong. Here are some reasons not to install iOS 16 on your iPhone.

Initial releases may contain bugs

Even after testing several betas, the first public release contains issues and bugs. So, immediately adopting iOS 16 can cause various issues such as battery drain, heating and some other issues.

If you’re patient, you can wait a few days or weeks to install iOS 16 on your device. We recommend waiting.

Exciting features coming later this year

As mentioned above, iCloud Photo Library and CarPlay will be available later this year and in 2023 respectively.

These features are really worth the wait if you’re not thrilled with the newly designed lock screen wallpaper.

Shut down

To conclude the article, I would like to suggest installing iOS 16 on your compatible iPhone. I would recommend installing the iOS beta on your device, but since the official stable version is available, you should go for it.

Let us know what new features you like in iOS 16 in the comment box.

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