Difference Between iPad and Tablet

If you think about it superficially, an iPad and a tablet seem similar concepts, right? After all, an iPad is a tablet in several ways. However, most people still call an iPad an iPad and Android tablets are called tablets.

Why is that the case? And what are some of the standard differences between the two? Technically, you need to know the difference if you’re considering buying an iPad or a tablet. Having a good look at the pros and cons will make it a lot easier for you to choose the right product for long-term use.

This article will walk you through the basic difference between an iPad and a tablet and what you probably don’t know.

What is an iPad?

iPad is Apple’s portable computer, which resembles the look and functionality of a tablet but is considered a much better option in terms of performance and productivity.

iPads come with Apple’s proprietary iPad operating system, which is exclusive to their products. When it comes to adding up an iPad and a tablet, the differences are pretty big. However, you must realize that the differences are greater than the similarities.

What are Tablet PCs?

Tablet PCs are portable devices that are larger than a smartphone and often enable a simple computing experience on the go. Most of the tablets available in the market are the standard Android tablets you come across.

The good thing about tablets over an iPad is the pricing. Tablets are available in different price ranges. They are cheaper and there are also more expensive and high-end variants. This makes tablets a lot more accessible to the masses of people worldwide.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an iPad?

When it comes to comparing the pros and cons of an iPad to a tablet, you should get to know its key strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss in more detail in this guide.

Strengths of an iPad

  • iPads are a lot more powerful, both in terms of performance and general usability.
  • iPads work closely with other devices.
  • Easy access to the App store to access various applications and functionalities without any hassle.
  • Optimal safety and security with strict security features.
  • Eliminate the opportunities and risks of malware threats.
  • Provide deeper integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Weaknesses of an iPad

  • iPads are expensive compared to the list of specs you get.
  • The storage configuration is quite disappointing and adds up quite quickly compared to the other devices.
  • It does not come with an expandable storage feature.
  • Functionalities, technological progress and certain features are missing in an iPad that is available on Android tablets.
  • Not the most customizable.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of a tablet?

Moving on to an iPad, it’s time we discussed the pros and cons of using a tablet. In addition to the cheaper price, tablets are also quite customizable, which is an advantage.

Strengths of a tablet

  • There are different brands and types of tablets to choose from.
  • They are much more customizable and come with unique personalization features.
  • Provide easy access to a variety of free apps through the Android Play Store.
  • They are a lot cheaper and are available at accessible price points.

Weaknesses of a tablet

  • They have a very thin and disappointing design.
  • Security is an issue with most Android tablets, which is not the case with iOS.


Are you considering buying an iPad or a tablet? Which of the two would you most likely choose? We always recommend that you do an in-depth and thorough research on both types of devices before spending your money to buy one.

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