CyberPower UPS units with yellow adhesive can be a fire hazard

CyberPower UPS

Owners of CyberPower’s CP1350PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCD uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, beware, as these UPSs can pose a potential fire hazard, according to user feedback on Reddit.

Based on preliminary data and online reports from users, the CP1350PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCD, which are the rev 1 and rev 2 variants respectively, apparently contain a yellow adhesive as the primary adhesive that can eventually become conductive and corrosive due to aging and may cause a short circuit. circuit and may even cause a fire.

The issue with CyberPower’s UPS units was first noted in January 2022 on Canada’s RedFlagDeals forum by user “bluesun” who cited a YouTube video posted in May 2021 by computer engineer and YouTuber Mark Furneaux. However, the issue has resurfaced online after Reddit user “into_devoid” posted a video of their CP1500PFCLCD catching fire when it was turned on.

Shortly after the CyberPower UPS issue resurfaced, more users came forward to report their similar issues. For example, a Redditor uploaded a video of smoke coming out of his CP1000PFCLCD immediately after he replaced the battery as per CyberPower’s recommendation.

While it is common for manufacturers to use yellow glue, typically in the electronics industry, to bond bulky components, it can become partially conductive if it begins to change from yellow to brown or black over time. The duration of the adhesive also fluctuates and depends on the ambient temperature.

When Tom’s Hardware contacted CyberPower, a company representative told them that they cannot identify the issue on the Reddit video due to the lack of information. The company has recommended that the affected user or users send in their devices so that they can determine the cause of the problem.

We are aware of the video. We take all product questions related to proper operation and safety seriously. All CyberPower products and components are UL Listed and tested for safety. More generally, our intention is to provide our customers around the world with safe, high-quality power protection productsCyberPower told Tom’s Hardware in an official statement.

In the case of the video provided, it is not possible to exactly confirm the user’s claim, as it does not provide a full explanation of the use, the analysis of malfunctions, any test results or the condition of the device. Currently we do not know if this user has contacted us directly or opened a case with one of our technical agents and we welcome them as a full analysis is the only way to validate the root cause”, it added.

As for notes on the adhesive, we have thoroughly tested the adhesives we use and our results are in line with industry and UL standards. We have conducted a full lab study of the adhesive used in our products and believe it to be safe for this application

We encourage all CyberPower customers with troubleshooting, questions or concerns to contact our technical support team at 1-877-297-6937. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for product support and assistance

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