Chat with GPT login without phone number on iPhone/iOS

The newly launched chat GPT has been causing quite a stir since its release. It’s amazing, but also a little scary at times. Chat GPT offers a human conversation and has answers to all your problems, be it studies or financial, economic or business questions. You just type in your question and your answer will be generated within seconds. To use Chat GPT, you must sign up first. Some users also wanted to know how to log in without a phone number. In this article, let’s find out whether chat GPT can be logged in without a phone number or not.

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What is Chat GPT?

An artificial intelligence called Chat GPT is trained to respond to your queries more effectively than Google. With the use of Chat GPT, practically anything can be accomplished in seconds, including solving math problems, helping you with coding, and having poetry or essays written for you.

Can you login to Chat GPT without a phone number?

Everyone is fascinated by this new artificial intelligence technology and wants to try it. But there are many people who wonder if Chat GPT can be logged in without a phone number.

Unfortunately ChatGPT cannot be used without a phone number. This is so that you can access ChatGPT, which requires you to sign up for an OpenAI account first.

Your email address and phone number must be entered when you create an account with OpenAI. Please note that you will not be able to access the ChatGPT services unless you provide your email address and phone number to create the OpenAI account. It serves to ensure your identity and to keep the site safe for all users. Don’t worry, as the phone number you provide will not be used for anything else. It is only used for user security and safety reasons.

Why does Chat GPT ask for your phone number to login?

Each individual often has two phone numbers, which is the main reason for requesting the phone number from the platform. In this situation, if there is no restriction on opening an account, one person is more likely to open multiple accounts. And most importantly, phone numbers are also used for security purposes and to ensure that your identity remains private.

How to chat with GPT login?

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Click on the login or sign up option.
  3. Enter your email address and complete the captcha.
  4. After completing the captcha, click the Continue button.
  5. Now enter your password and then tap continue.
  6. You will receive a link in your email, click on that link to sign up
  7. Enter the details of your name and surname.
  8. Now enter your phone number and click send otp.
  9. Enter the code you received.
  10. That is it!

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