Can you use RetroArch on iOS?

RetroArch is more than just an emulator; it is a front end that can run a number of emulators. With RetroArch you can play your favorite games like Super Mario, Food Fight, Ninja Gaiden and others. It is one of the most popular emulators for playing games on iOS devices. These independent emulators are known as cores in RetroArch and you need to download the cores for the games you want to play. RetroArch can run on standard operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but stands out by supporting many more platforms such as iOS and Android.

Can you use RetroArch on iOS?

Talking about getting RetroArch on iOS is it possible or not, in a way yes! You can run RetroArch on your iOS device. It used to be a case where to get RetroArch you had to jailbreak your device, but recently this has changed. Fortunately, now to get RetroArch you don’t need any jailbroken devices and no subscription of any kind is required. For all the new users who are still trying to master RetroArch on iOS, it can get a little complicated or difficult at first, but once you start using it, you will get used to it.

How do I install RetroArch on iOS?

if you want to install RetroArch and search for it in the Appstore, you may not find one, as almost all emulators have been removed from the Appstore for some reasons. You need to find another way to install it on your iOS device. Follow the steps below if you plan to use RetroArch on your iPhone device.

METHOD 1: Using Altstore

  1. Altstore can be downloaded from your Safari browser.
  2. After installation, launch Altstore on your iOS devices.
  3. Then, in the Emulators section, select an emulator from the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap the RetroArch icon.
  5. Click the Go button next to the icon to get to the install button, which you need to click.
  6. Within seconds your app will be on your home screen.

METHOD 2: Using AppValley

If you want to install RetroArch on your iPhone without jailbreak, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install AppValley on your iOS device to get started.
  2. After installation, your home page will be displayed.
  3. Select General from the Settings menu.
  4. Open the profile and device management options in the general settings.
  5. AppValley Developer status should be updated to Trusted.
  6. Now go to the AppValley home page.
  7. Look for the download icon for RetroArch Emulator for iOS.
  8. Simply click the button to download and install the RetroArch emulator.

That’s it folks! By following the above method, you can easily install RetroArch on your iOS device and keep it running smoothly. If you have any other tricks up your sleeve for installing and running RetroArch on an iOS device, share them with us via the comment section below.

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