Can we jailbreak on iOS 16?

You may have heard of jailbreak. If you are an iOS user, I think you may have thought about jailbreaking your Apple device. iOS has such an operating system that provides users with a safe and protected way to use smartphones on a daily basis. This safe and protected way of using smartphones also imposes many limitations on the device’s system. These restrictions are such that it does not allow users to install applications other than the app store once, nor does it allow users to uninstall the pre-installed applications. To perform any of these actions, the user must break the device system. If you don’t, you won’t be able to install any apps other than the Appstore. To remove these restrictions, you must jailbreak your device.

What is iOS jailbreaking?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a violation of Apple’s restrictions on our security and privacy. If you decide to jailbreak your iOS device, remove all software restrictions provided by Apple on your iOS device’s operating system. After the jailbreak on your iOS device, root access is granted to the operating system, because of this root access, you can install any application from anywhere instead of just from the App Store. Please note that while jailbreaking your device, you are violating the End User License Agreement.

Can we jailbreak on iOS 16?

After the announcement of iOS 16, there were many users who asked if they could jailbreak iOS 16. While it is not advisable to jailbreak your device, it does not stop people from doing so. Apple has always done a great job of protecting iPhones from these types of jailbreaks. And because they have improved their privacy, every version of iOS 15 has not seen any jailbreaks. And since iOS 15 didn’t have any jailbreaks that were officially reported, that means it can be difficult to jailbreak iOS 16 as well.

Let’s say that if someone succeeds in jailbreaking iOS 16, Apple will make sure that that loophole is closed in the next update as well. If you have an older version of iOS, chances are you are jailbreaking and Apple has no power to stop it. But if you have an iPhone 12 or later version with iOS 15 or the latest version, it will be difficult to jailbreak.

Since the beta came out, there may have been reports of iOS 16 jailbreaking. But Apple was rumored to have sealed the root file system in the iOS 16 version. That means jailbreak should now be rootless. In simple terms, users need to find another way to jailbreak their device after updating to iOS 16 without changing the root files.


I’m not saying it’s impossible to jailbreak your device after iOS 16. There could be another way in the near future where this is possible. But if we look at the current situation, there is no chance that Apple will allow users to jailbreak their device. Though you can have iOS 13 or older version for jailbreak.

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