Carrying cash can be dangerous as it exposes you to roadside robbers or even money can be misplaced by you. Credit cards are no better because they can be lost or stolen. Using credit cards online can also expose you to certain online frauds. While banks assure you of their safety, it is certainly not safe to use as your online banking information can also be leaked.

But thanks to Apple Pay, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of situations anymore. Apple Pay is secure because you can pay for all your purchases without revealing your credit card information, reducing the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft.



Wawa offers consumers a simple and flexible payment alternative by accepting cashless payments such as Apple Pay, eliminating the risks associated with cash and credit cards.

You don’t have to worry about losing track of your cash or credit cards at Wawa as you can use your iPhone. You can use Apple Pay to pay for anything at Wawa, whether you’re shopping in-store or paying for gas at the pump. Customers’ buying experiences have been enhanced by Wawa’s contactless payment alternatives, which make buying easy, fast and secure. You can get to a Wawa station in seconds, fill up your tank, get some snacks and pay without having to fumble for your credit card or cash.

You can use Apple Pay in the following locations once you arrive at a Wawa store:

In the shop

You can still use Apple Pay at the register when you stop by Wawa’s for fresh food, coffee or drinks, or to do some quick shopping. Just go to the register and open Apple Pay on your iPhone, scan the code and you’re done.

The pump

Wawa pumps contain Apple Pay Touch ID, which makes contactless payment possible. Touch. Pay. To ride. is a feature on the pumps that enables contactless payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. The procedure is quick and easy, as your transactions only take a few seconds.

Wawa mobile app

Due to the many benefits associated with participating in the Wawa rewards program, some consumers choose to shop through the Wawa app. When paying for your order on the Wawa mobile app, you have the option to use Apple Pay as a payment method.


When you’re done shopping and ready to pay, open your Apple Wallet on your iPhone. Use Face ID or Touch ID to verify your identity. Place your iPhone near the QR code until it vibrates and the word complete appears on the screen.

You can also pay with your Apple Watch at Wawa stores.

Your default card will open when you tap the side button twice. Place your Apple Watch near the contactless scanner until you hear a beep indicating the transaction is complete.


Wawa accepts Apple Pay, but if you have an Android phone, you can also use Google Pay. In any case, using a contactless payment option on your phone, such as a digital wallet, is a great way to improve your privacy. You can still receive all the reward points you normally get from your credit cards. Apple Pay is a great way to pay for products anywhere, not just at Wawa.

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