Can I View Battery Percentage on iPhone 12 Mini on iOS 16?

The long-awaited battery percentage icon on the status bar feature has finally been added with the iOS 16 update. As an iPhone user, I always wanted to set the battery percentage on the iPhone 12 Mini status bar so that I don’t have to unlock the device or use the control center to check the remaining battery life of the iPhone.

While Android users have had the feature to display the battery percentage on the status bar for a decade, iPhone users have been missing this feature for many years. Finally, Apple’s new iOS 16 has added the long-awaited and begged feature for iPhone users to display battery percentage on the lock screen status bar on iOS 16.

After iOS 16 update, many users don’t know how to handle adding battery percentage icon on iPhone lock screen status bar. At the same time, many users have already added battery percentages to the status bar; some things battery percentages don’t show iPhone under settings. We have also seen that many iPhone 12 Mini users are unable to display battery percentages in the status bar. Considering the number of users asking for the way to display batter icon on status bar of iPhone 12 mini, here we have the answer on why battery percentage not showing on iPhone 12 Mini after iOS 16.

How to turn on battery percentage on iPhone 12 Mini?

Users can enable Battery Percentage on iOS 16 by going to Settings > Battery and enable Battery Percentage. Unfortunately, iPhone 12 Mini does not have this feature.

Apple also confirms that iPhone 12 Mini is missing the battery percentage option, as well as iPhone 11, and iPhone 13 Mini does not support this feature. Apple has not given any specific reason why the battery percentage option is missing on iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 11. But we can expect this feature in future updates.

Hope you now know that you cannot add battery percentage to iPhone 12 Mini lock screen in iOS 16. However, you can still swipe down to launch Control Center and check battery life from the top.

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