Can I use uBlock Origin in Safari on iOS?

As the online marketing strategies are growing day by day and various advertisements are displayed on websites and apps, it has become very tedious to focus on the main content due to popups and annoying ads. Even Apple’s Safari app can’t skip those ads. While some ads are helpful, some are harmful to the device. Even Apple can’t stop those ads from Safari on iPhone.

Therefore, many users prefer to use adblocker apps or adblocker extensions on iPhones to get rid of those annoying ads and popups. There are dozens of paid and free ad blocking tools available for iPhone and Android.

When discussing the best free ad blocker tool, let’s not forget uBlock Origin. It is one of the best free and open-source browser extensions to filter content and skip or block useless ads.

Since uBlock Origin is so popular worldwide, many iPhone users want to use uBlock Origin in Safari on iOS 15 and have even asked for the uBlock Origin iPhone YouTube app. Like a real Apple blog, share some information about uBlock Origin iOS version.

Can I use uBlock Origin in Safari on iOS?

Currently, uBlock Origin is not available for IOS devices, as we do not see the uBlock Origin extension in the Safari extension section. However, if you want to go with other best uBlock Origin iOS alternatives, then you can use the Content Blockers below.

5 Best uBlock Origin Alternatives for iPhone

1. Roadblock – Content Blocking

2. Blockify – Best Ad Blocker

3. Block Bear

4. Ka-Blok

5. Block Distracting Websites

Since the uBlock Origin tool is in too much demand, we can expect Apple to add support for Safari with the next iOS 16 update.

If you know other best free uBlock Origin alternatives for iPhone that you have used on your iOS device, please share them with other iOS users and us via the comment section. Need more help regarding the adblocker for iPhone? Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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