Can I use the iOS 16 Live Wallpaper?

Ever since Apple added the Live Photo feature to the iPhone, I wanted to set the Love Photo as wallpaper on my iPhone’s home screen and lock screen because it looks incredible and mesmerizing. Fortunately, Apple has added Live Wallpapers on iOS 16, in addition to many lock screen customization features.

There were many branded live wallpapers with iOS 16 and many special ones from different iPhone models. But suddenly, iOS 16’s long-awaited and most amazing Live Wallpaper feature disappeared completely. It was on iOS 16 beta 1, but Apple removed it from next beta update event iOS 16 public beta is missing the same feature.

As Apple is working on the same feature to make the lock screen and home screen more attractive and customizable, we may soon get the live wallpaper option on iOS 16, just like Weather, Shuffle Photos, Astronomy, etc.

However, if you are still a fan of Live Wallpapers and looking for a way to set live wallpaper on iPhone home screen, we have already prepared a simple guide to create live wallpapers and install them on iPhone. put in iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS14.

If you’ve signed up for the iOS 16 developer or public beta, keep an eye out for any new version of iOS 16 as the company is working on the update, and we may get live wallpaper on iPhone soon.

As an iPhone user, if you know any other app or trick to set live wallpaper on iPhone, please share your trick with other readers through the comment section.

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