Can I use Always On Display from iOS 16 on iPhone 13?

The long-awaited Always-On-Display feature is still a myth for iPhone users as Apple hasn’t added it yet. Everyone expected Always On Display with the iOS 16 release at this year’s WWDC event. However, Apple made their user happy with the new lock screen customization feature.

iOS 16’s lock screen feature is still being tested as developers test iOS 16 beta. Thankfully, Apple is still working on the Always on Display feature, as the recent iOS 16 beta update hinted at Always on Display on iOS 16 for iPhone 14.

Yes, you heard it right. Apple plans to release the highly anticipated Always On Display with iPhone 14 running iOS 16.

The popular blog 9to5mac recently found the new sleep feature in the latest iOS 16 beta, which defaults to the darker and toned background. This dark background shows a perfect way for the Always On Display feature for iPhone users.

Along with the iPhone 14, Apple will add Always On Display on the Apple Watch Series 5 showing a darker and fainter version of the watch face when the user’s wrist is lifted. For example, Apple’s iPhone 14 model could wake up or display the Always on Display automatically when the user chooses the device.

Once Apple adds the Always On Display feature to the iPhone with the iOS 16, it will also display the time and other lock screen widgets even though the screen is turned off.

Earlier, there was news that Always On Display will only work on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 models, as these new models will have advanced refresh rates of just 1 Hz.

Are you excited about the Always On Display feature on your iPhone? Do you think this would be the best feature or reason for the battery problem? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comment box.

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