Can I remove the flashlight from the lock screen in iOS 16 on iPhone?

Ever since I bought the new iPhone, I’ve loved everything but the useless flashlight button on the device’s lock screen. I sometimes use the camera button on the lock screen of the device to quickly launch the camera without unlocking the device. But when I saw the flashlight icon on my iPhone’s lock screen, I found it annoying and useless.

Another reason I hate the flashlight button on the lock screen is because it’s in the lower left corner of the lock screen and most of the time I accidentally turn on the flash while taking my iPhone out of my pocket. Sure, hitting the flashlight button with force will turn it off, but why should I do it every time. It would be better to turn off the flashlight permanently from the lock screen on iPhone.

How to Remove Flashlight on iPhone in iOS 16?

When Apple released iOS 14 and iOS 15, people expected the new option to remove the flashlight from the iPhone’s lock screen, and unfortunately the company couldn’t care less. However, users with iPhone X and later models expected iOS 16 to remove the flashlight from the lock screen on the iPhone feature when Apple launched the new iOS 16 at the WWDC 2022 event.

iOS 16 is currently available to limited users in beta form. The public beta version of iOS 16 will be released in July 2022 and the final version will be released in September 2022 along with the iPhone 14 series.

However, developers have already started testing the new iOS 16 beta. But we haven’t seen any new iOS 16 feature to remove or change the flashlight button from the lock screen. The new iOS 16 public beta and last stable update are still running and we can get this new feature on the latest iOS 16 update to change the flashlight and camera icon of iPhone lock screen.

If you also have iOS 16 beta installed on your iPhone and found a way to remove the flashlight from iPhone lock screen, share it with us in the comment box. Feel free to share hidden features of the new iOS 16 update.

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