Can I download Sonolus on IOS?

Since I like to watch anime or manga series online, playing anime based games on my iPhone is also fun. I mostly play Rhythm Games because it provides the best music while doing the action in the game and completing challenges. When it comes to Rhythm Games, many people are looking for a way to download Sonolus on iOS and Android.

What is Sonolus?

Sonolus is the best mobile Rhythm Game platform to provide users with the best way to explore and enjoy for players and level creators for free. Player can use this platform to create a Rhythm game or replicate an existing game or the new engine.

I’ve seen a lot of questions about the Google trend of installing Sonolus on iOS devices. That’s why we’re here to share more information about Sonolus on iPhone.

It is so easy for Android users to download Sonolus APK and install it on Android devices to start using Sonolus without any restrictions.

But when iPhone users search to download Sonolus iOS and open the link, it says the best is full. Even many users are confused about how to register for Sonolus and how to know if Sonolus beta will open for iOS users.

Can I download Sonolus on IOS?

There is no way to download Sonolus for iOS as the beta tester site is full. But you can keep your eyes on the testflight Apple page to check the availability of Sonolus for iOS.

Since Sonolus is in development, many developers and testers are working on this platform. We may see a better version of Sonolus for iPhone and Android users in the future.

However, it would help if you keep an eye on the official Sonolus page to check whether or not you can participate in the Sonolus beta from your iOS device.

Share your feedback in the comment box if you already have Sonolus installed on your iOS device or used it to create the new rhythm levels. If you know other Sonolus alternatives for iOS, feel free to share them with us as well.

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