Can I download on iPhone?

Back Alley Tales iOS is one of the trending games for teens. Since the game follows the gameplay like College Brawl, people all over the world love this game and are looking for a way to download Back Alley Tales on iOS devices.

It is a simple task for Android users to download Back Alley Tales APK and install the game on any Android phone. But when it comes to iPhones, it is a very complicated task to sideload an app if the app is not available in the App Store.

Since the game is so popular and trending online, many iPhone users searched for Back Alley Tales on the App Store to download and install. But unfortunately, Back Alley Tales is missing from the App Store. Therefore, they are looking for loopholes and third party methods to download and install Back Alley Tales on iPhones.

Can I download Back Alley Tales on iOS?

Downloading Back Alley Tales on iOS is still a myth as there is no game or Back Alley Tales IPA file available to install Back Alley Tales on iPhone. However, many blogs claim to have Back Alley Tales IPA files for iOS, but all these files are fake and misleading readers.

About Back Alley Stories

The game follows the story of the player whose main task is to analyze CCTV camera surveillance of the street to find the recent events and reveal the dark secrets. Players can play the game as a spy and solve crimes in the virtual world of 12 different places. There are many clues and facts for players to follow and solve the mystery.

Why can’t I download Back Alley Tales on iPhone?

Because the game contained explicit and adult content, Back Alley Tales is restricted in the App Store.

Back Alley Tales Alternatives for iOS and Android

If you don’t find Back Alley Tales satisfying, you can find games like Back Alley Tales below.

  • Dandy Boy Adventures
  • Summer Saga
  • Witch hunter
  • City of passion
  • Summer memories
  • Aren’t Grim Reapers supposedly scary?
  • The Grim Reaper who reaped my heart
  • Night high
  • Huniepop I
  • Pico Sim date

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