Can I download for iOS?

Apple’s App Store is full of games and useful apps that make iPhone the best and most useful for users. iOS geeks can download and install thousands of free apps and games on iPhone.

Sometimes Apple removes and bans some apps and games from the App Store due to Apple’s strict rules and regulations. At that time, is listed with users.

When Apple removes an app from the App Store, many third-party app stores manage to add those banned games and apps. is one of the most popular third party stores for iPhone users to sideload some modified, hacked and banned apps.

Because online website is so popular and people are using it to download some banned and modified apps; many users want to download iOS app. Even some need help to download apps from on iPhone. Supposing you are new to, here we have the step-by-step guide to download apps or games from on iPhone.

How to download the app from on iOS

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Then go to General.
  3. Tap Refresh background app.
  4. Select Cellular data and wife.
  5. Now go back and tap Battery.
  6. After that, tap the switch next to Power saving mode.
  7. Open the Safari app.
  8. Go to
  9. Scroll down to select or find the app and tap it.
  10. Tap it and install it.
  11. Wait a minute for the data to load and then you will be redirected to three locked tasks.
  12. You need to install two apps from the list and spend one minute on the app.
  13. After completing two commands, you will see the new app installed automatically on your iPhone home screen.

Thus, you can use on your iPhone to side load any app or game. There is no app for iOS available yet. I hope you enjoyed the article. Do you know any other working method to do the same or any other best iOS alternative? Feel free to share in the comments box.

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