Camera not working on iPhone

Apple was too busy with iOS 16 developers and public beta because they released the new iOS 15.6 late. Finally, the iOS 15.6 update is rolling out to users around the world. Apple’s new iOS 15.6 included many new features such as TV app, live restart game, fixed device full storage issue, fixed text message issue and many more.

Of course, the new iOS 15.6 was mainly released to fix some minor issues and add some new features. Since the new iOS 15.6 update rolled out, many users have downloaded and installed the latest iOS 15.6 update. While some users enjoy and find more hidden features of the new iOS 15.6, many users complain that the camera does not work after iOS 15.6 update.

Yes, you heard it right.

We’ve also seen a lot of complaints about the same iPhone’s camera not working issue. That’s why we tried to find the best solutions.

How to Fix iOS 15.6 Camera Not Working Issue

  1. First, make sure your iPhone cases don’t block the view of the camera on the back of your iPhone. Therefore, try to remove the case and then click on the image. You should buy another if the problem is with the case.
  2. Another solution that worked for many users who force close the running camera and then try to open it again. It worked for many users; it can work for you too.
  3. After updating to iOS 15.6, when you open the camera, which looks blurry; maybe some water droplets on lenses won’t make you click pictures. So use a soft cloth to clean the iPhone’s camera.
  4. Disabling the VoiceOver option also worked for many users struggling with camera issues after the iOS 15.6 update. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Turn off the switch.
  5. If the camera problem occurs for many users worldwide, we can expect a minor software update from Apple to fix the problem. So keep an eye out for the new iOS update.

Share your solution in the comment box if you have updated your iPhone to the new iOS 15.6 and know a working solution to fix the camera problem. Feel free to share every hidden feature of the new iOS 15.6.

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