Best Windows PC Emulator for Android Devices in 2022

Best Windows Emulator for Android

Windows revolutionized the PC operating system segment when Windows first came out over three decades ago.

In addition, it paved the way for the famous rivalry between Mac and Windows that has spawned innovation and streamlined efficiency on a larger scale.

The emerging markets first used computers thanks to the Windows operating system. What helped spread the Microsoft operating system was the rampant piracy that landed Windows on practically every computer.

Over the years, Windows has gone from being a disturbing operating system to your companion, approaching macOS in overall usability and usability.

Smartphones and other wearable devices now have enough energy to run Windows operating system on Android devices† Let’s learn to use these Windows Emulators for Android that are free to use.

Why aren’t Windows emulators so common?

Windows emulation requires a dynamic and complex set of instructions built on software. It takes time and effort to develop a programmer.

Since there isn’t a large market willing to pay for it, most developers don’t have the incentive to develop them or their features.

Don’t worry, there are a few Windows PC emulators for Android worth checking out.

Best Windows PC Emulator for Android


The first Windows emulator for Android is not your conventional emulator. It is a simulator for Windows ranging from MS-DOS to Windows 10.

You are asked to provide mandatory consent to the use of user data in order to better serve you. There is no way to opt out of this.

In the control panels you can select the Windows version you want to emulate. A skippable video ad will appear, which can be closed after the first five seconds. We also simulate the Windows installation, which is not ideal for everyone.
Windows Emulator for Android

Now note that Windows is displayed in a rectangle in the center of your device’s landscape mode. The rest are black bars on either side.

That’s not all; we also get a startup animation screen that appears 20-25 seconds after the files are loaded.
Windows XP Emulator

Once the Windows emulator has loaded, you will see the built-in keyboard, which takes up the lower half of the screen. There is a mouse icon to hide/show the pointer on the screen.

2. Win7 Simu

Win7 Simu is a windows emulator that has made a leap of improvement since the last time we tried it a year ago. Unlike in the past with only Windows 7, we now have boot screen animations and lock screens from Windows 3.1, 2000 to 11. The operating system remains the same everywhere: Windows 7.

After launching the emulator, unless you want to load the default Windows operating system, you can enter the BIOS Setup Utility screen by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Windows Emulator for Android

Once inside the BIOS setup, go to the Advanced and select the Windows version you want to load.

The exact section has a Instant Startup option that allows you to skip the startup animation when it is enabled. Once Windows is selected, go to the Exit tab and select Exit Save changes to start Windows on your Android phone.

Here the operations are fluid, with no lag in our view. The start menu and a long list of apps work like a charm. You can surf the web in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Windows login screen

There are a number of offline games – Minesweeper, Purble Place, Solitaire and Classic Tetris. All these games appear in full window mode.

Windows Emulator for Android

We also get seven different online games, some of the very popular ones on the internet: Among Us, Flappy Bird, Minecraft Survival, 2,, Zombs Royale and Basketball Legends 2020

Game on Windows Emulator

You get a system (C) of Windows and Android (A) in the storage section, which requires access to the files and folders of the device.

The clock, compass, notepad, paint, media player, and personalization menu work in their default mode.

3. Win 98 Emulator

Windows 98 emulator does not cause any tantrums in terms of ads or bloatware. A three-step tutorial screen in Windows 98 will then appear.

As with Win7 Simu, there are two partitions in the: My computer, System C and Android A. Tap once with two fingers to open the right-click menu. A single tap with one finger works like a click, and you have to do it twice, like Windows, to open an application.

My Computer Windows Emulator

Access the Internet with Internet Explorer, which works flawlessly without breaking the browser. Even YouTube streams videos in the browser without any errors.

Windows 7 emulator

You can access all settings and menus and properties of the control panel. They don’t have to influence you Windows PC Emulatorbut they are a nice touch to have.

MS Paint works like a regular application for Windows 98. Draw with brushes and pencil and use different colors. Save them to any folder and you can access them later to continue your drawing project.

MS Paint Windows 98 Emulator

4. Wine

Linux users would be familiar with this Windows emulator for Android. Wine, an acronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator, is a compatibility layer that runs Windows applications on Android, Linux, macOS, and BSD.

You can run games, applications and various tools for Windows operating systems. The Windows emulator has a Windows 98 skin over a Windows 7 operating system.

Wine Windows Emulator

Run apps from Windows 3.1, which can be 32-bit and 64-bit. The Command Prompt is the only user interface option here. You can transfer apps in virtual C and D partitions and then install them via Command Prompt.

The mobile version of this emulator doesn’t feel polished and still has a long way to go. Note that the window freezes when you drag across the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you run .exe files on Android?

It is impossible to run .exe files on Android with a Windows emulator. The emulation for Windows is not yet at a stage to achieve this.
Several Android apps can do that by porting your required apps to smartphones.

Wine is far from maturity when running Windows applications on the mobile version.

2. Can I run PC games on Android?

Windows PC games on Android can be played with cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud gaming, GeForce Now, Vortex, PlayStation Now, etc.

You cannot run PC games on Windows emulators intended for Android.

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Back to you

These were some of the best Windows Emulator for Android devices, from running apps and playing games to mere simulation.

Get a healthy Windows experience with this one Windows Emulators with different skins ranging from Windows 3.1 to Windows 11. Don’t forget to try out Win7 Simu’s game offerings, which take it offline for players who fancy competitive gaming.

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