Best iPad Emulator for Windows 10

What if I tell you there is a way to run iPad/iOS apps on your Windows 10 computer? This is quite possible with emulator for Windows and Mac computers. It works even if you have Windows 10. Use an iOS emulator to run the iPad/iOS application on a PC.

To run your iPad apps on your Windows 10 computer, you must first install an iOS emulator. There are tons of iOS emulators out there, but not all of them work equally well. Some software is too slow and frustrates you by not providing a good gaming experience. So in today’s article I will give you a list of top 4 emulators that can be used on Windows 10.

Best iPad Emulator for Windows 10

What is an iPad/iOS Emulator?

iPad/iOS emulators for Windows or Mac are software programs that allow you to simulate the iOS environment on your PC. Most are compatible with all of these devices and there are no strict hardware requirements to meet.


Considered one of the top-rated emulators for iPad and iOS, smartface comes with a slew of features. SmartFace is a cross-platform development app that provides programming experience. it is easy to use and is considered a powerful emulator, and also works for multitasking purposes. It has 2 versions; paid and free. paid version starts at $99. The free version can only be used for playing games and downloading apps. if you want to use it professionally, you should opt for the paid version. You need an iPad/iOS device with a smartphone app to connect to your Windows 10. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC. once the connection process is complete, you can start the emulation. an advantage of this emulator is that it is updated regularly to keep up with the updates of the operating system.


Considered one of the best emulators, iPadian gives you access to your iOS apps on Windows 10 PC. Allows you to access iPad/iOS apps on Windows 10. The app icons, gestures, and overall wallpaper provide a great iPad experience. The app icons, gestures and general background make for an excellent iPad experience. The app icons, gestures and general background make for an excellent iPad experience. It also includes pre-installed apps and games. A dashboard, sidebars, dock and other useful features are available on iPadian. The paid version is only $10. There is also a free version. You can use iPadian if you just want to use an iOS simulator that mimics the design and look of iOS hardware. This tool also has a user-friendly iOS interface and is easy to operate and manipulate. This allows users to use high-quality iOS apps at no additional cost.


Appetize is a web-based iOS emulator. However, it is very similar to the iOS emulators mentioned above in that you can use cross-platform apps or even download and use them directly on your PC. This emulator does not require any special hardware as it is cloud based. This means that you can access it through your web browser by visiting the website. You can upload your app to the Appetize website or via an API. Your app will launch in seconds in any major web browser on your PC. With a free trial, you can run one concurrent session and stream 100 minutes of app per month. Paid plans start at $40 per month and go up to $2,000 for large-scale needs. No software is required as it works in a web browser and works on any device.


Ripple is a free iPad/iOS emulator with a Chrome extension. This is a multi-platform mobile ecosystem emulator. This is more like an extension app and takes up less space. Plus, you don’t need to download it to run it on your device. You get a wide range of developer support, which is helpful when testing different development apps. Ripple was created to allow users to create HTML5 applications and test them on an interactive interface. It is ideal for testing websites for iPad/iOS devices. The only downside to this is that it hasn’t been updated in a while.

That’s it folks! Hope you used the iPad emulator for Windows 10. You can choose the emulator according to your need and requirements. If you have any questions about this, please ping us in the comment section below.

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