Best iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

We’re only a few weeks away from the public release of iOS 16. The iOS 16 developer beta is already out, bringing us closer to what we’ve been waiting for in recent months. There is a sense of excitement among the users as iOS 16 will bring many new changes including the most anticipated. I think we can all agree that the most anticipated and expected feature is widgets on the lock screen. Widgets came around the time of iOS 14’s release, but we’ve only limited these widgets to be added to the home screen. But this time, we can bring those widgets to the lock screen as well. Users can now customize the iPhone lock screen as they wish. Numerous options are available to customize the lock screen to suit your needs. You can even add different filters, effects to your background, change the font, color, numerical system, etc.

Where to find the lock screen widget?

Lock screen widgets are divided into 2 sections. Basically, you get 2 rows to add your lock screen widgets. The first row is at the top, above the clock. The second row is under the clock.

How many widgets are in row 1?

In total there are 15 widgets option of 6 apps in the first row, above the clock. Calendar, Fitness, Reminder, Clock, Weather and Stocks are the 6 apps that you can add the widget in the front row above the clock. The downside here is that you can only have 1 widget at a time as space is limited.

How many widgets are there in row 2?

In the second row, you have a total of 8 apps that you can choose your widgets from: Batteries, Clock, Calendar, Home, Reminder, Fitness, Weather and Stocks. Here you can add 4 widgets at once. You even get 2 types of widgets here; the small widgets show less information and the large widgets show more data.

Best iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

Allow me to walk you through some of the best widgets we’ll be getting out of iOS 16.

  1. CLOCK

You can check your alarm or time from any other region on your lock screen with this widget. In the second row you will get 6 options with the following alarm, digital clock, analog clock, time from another place with location, time in multiple cities, upcoming alarm. You can add 3 square widgets or 2 rectangular widgets at the same time.


You can add a battery widget below the clock. It has 2 versions of this widget which is square and rectangular and shows your current battery status. When you connect AirPods, the widget displays the battery status instead of your iPhone battery.

  1. HOUSE

Users get 6 widgets options available. Among them, users get 2 square widgets and 4 rectangular widgets. These widgets give you information about your home’s indoor climate overview, lighting, home security overview, climate sensor, security accessories, etc.

  1. NEWS

Unlike other widgets, Apple News offers only 1 widget that is below the clock. This widget can display top stories and today’s news. This widget is available in the rectangular shape. When this widget is added, your lock screen will scroll through news stories that you can read without having to unlock your iPhone.


You can add a calendar widget on both rows. You can choose to display today’s date or an upcoming event that you saved above the clock in the first row. In the second row below the clock you can add all 3 available options.


Users can get 1 widget both above and below the clock. This widget gives you quick access to your list of reminders and also displays the next reminder.


Weather is the only app that has the most widgets option available compared to other applications. The Weather app includes a plethora of widgets that allow you to view key aspects of the weather in your area. To see details such as lunar and sun events, temperature, location, rain, air quality, UV index and wind, you can add one of eight widgets to the top and bottom widget boxes on the lock screen.


You can easily view your goal, activity ring or progress without unlocking your iPhone. 2 widgets can be added in the 2nd row, while you can only add 1 fitness widget in the 1st queue. the 1st driving widget can also show the progress of your activity.

Last words:

This was the list of some of the best widgets we’re going to get on our iPhones with iOS 16. Just a few more weeks and all these widgets will be accessible on your devices. Share your favorite feature with us via the comment box.

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