Best Hidden iPhone Text Tricks 2022

The good oldies are gone where we used to simply text without any features. Later, with the passage of time, many new features were introduced. Apple’s iMessage has definitely won when it comes to advanced texting features. Apple has given us many forms of entertaining communication through text messages, from using gifs to creating custom stickers. iPhone users nowadays prefer text messages instead of WhatsApp or Instagram. With all the great new and hidden features, using messaging has become addictive. Even when there’s nothing important to chat about, we like to use these great features by sending random messages to each other. If you are not sure about the hidden tricks of text messaging yet, we are here to guide you. Below we have compiled a list of hidden iPhone text tricks for you to enjoy and make your using experience unforgettable.

Best Hidden iPhone Text Tricks 2022

1. For punctuation: double tap the space bar:

Just double tap the space bar after typing a word, and it will insert a period and a space for you. This little exercise can save you a significant amount of time when switching between letters and punctuation.

2. Delete messages automatically:

With this feature, you can delete messages automatically or even keep messages as long as you want. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep messages on your phone and choose the desired option. You have the option to choose messages between a year and a month.

3. Shake To Undo:

If you entered something wrong, you can save time by shaking your phone. This will undo the most recent typing.

4. Say Selection:

Your iPhone reads messages to you by turning on voice selection. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Speech and enable the Speak selection option. now all you need to do is hold a message and tap on the Speak option.

5. Long press the period for email/web address suffixes:

We routinely share our email addresses with contacts, websites, applications and services during this time. You can speed up this procedure by using the point key on your keyboard. Just long press the dot and it should display “.com”, “.net”, and “.org”.

6. Dictate Text:

Click the microphone icon in the lower right corner of your keyboard. Then, while holding down the icon, talk into your phone’s microphone. Your gadget should be typing your message for you. If you activate Siri, your phone will even send you text messages for you.

7. Create a New Keyboard:

If you’re multilingual, chances are you’ll need more than Apple’s standard keyboard. To do this, go to the keyboard settings page and choose the “Add a keyboard” option. You can also add an emoji keyboard in addition to a language keyboard.

8. Respond to Messages:

Most people are not aware of this feature. Just hold the message bubble until different responses appear. To respond to the message, just tap on the appropriate option.

9. Emojis are used to replace words.

When you’re done composing your message, turn on the emoji keyboard. This will highlight the words that can be replaced with emojis. Just tap the word and select an emoji to replace it with.

10. Create Your Own Text Tones And Vibrations:

In addition to custom ringtones, you can also add custom text tones and vibrations to a contact. Simply open the contact you want to personalize from your contact list. You can change the text tone, set new vibrations and even generate your own vibrations from here.

11. Texting By Swiping:

Swipe Text, which allows users to type text by sliding their fingertips across the keyboard, is another faster option for typing on an iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards to enable this option. After that, scroll down to Slide to Type and enable it.

12. Handwritten Notes:

Apple makes it easy for consumers to submit handwritten notes. To do this, tilt your phone or press the handwriting symbol in the top right corner. This feature allows you to draw or send handwritten text.

13. Bubble Effects:

You can use it to add many kinds of bubble effects to your text, such as a slam, loud, soft and more. Press and hold the send button to see the options for bubble and screen effects.

14. Screen Effects:

By default, the iMessage detects terms like “Congratulations,” “Congratulations,” and so on. However, you can personalize things by gently holding down the send button and selecting Screen Effects from the next box. Simply slide to the right and choose a screen effect for your message.

15. Text in Bold:

Turn on the “Show subject field” switch in Settings Messaging. In Messages, you will now see a subject line area and whatever you enter there will be shown in bold. If you just want to use bold text, you may need to include a space or other invisible character, such as a zero-width character, in the regular message space, otherwise the subject will become normal text.

16. Copy and Paste:

Press and hold the message, then quickly drag it away and drop it where you want to paste it. You can also choose additional messages by touching them after deleting the first one. You can even choose multiple messages and move them from Messages app to another like Mail, Notes, Pages.

That’s it folks! If you noticed any other text features, let us know in the comment section below.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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