Best Farming Apps for iPhone and IOS

Technology is transforming agriculture, bringing new and accurate management practices and streamlining farming operations. Statistics show that there are more than 2 million farms in the US. Nevertheless, technological innovations aimed at improving business operations and business operations have not been implemented too quickly. However, online application providers are making growers’ jobs faster and easier by creating versions of farming software for mobile devices. This allows farmers to do more work during peak growing seasons with less effort and time.

Agronomists and farmers benefit from using smartphone apps in a variety of ways, including increased profitability and productivity. Precision farming continues to evolve thanks to technology, including satellite monitoring of agricultural products, and mobile applications have become an important part. Applications allow you to collect data, record various activities in the field, conduct reconnaissance, pilot drones and record agricultural machinery performance.

Modern iPhone apps include field mapping, spray logging, soil testing tools, and planting calculations. In this article, you’ll find a selection of the most influential and valuable apps for iOS users that you can use right now.

The list of apps

EOS crop monitoring

EOS Crop Monitoring is a free mobile scouting app that works with the advanced crop management platform. The application is also intended for farm owners, agronomists, insurance consultants, advisers and other participants in agribusiness.

This app is designed to help users perform reconnaissance tasks. It allows Scouts to create detailed reports, attach photos of disease signs and problem areas once damaged plants are found, and share these materials with local agronomists. Application maps work both online and offline. To accurately and quickly locate problem areas in fields, users can apply one of several vegetation indices. Satellite Crop Monitoring app allows the collected data to be saved in the account.

Use the hyper-local 14-day forecast to plan your fieldwork. Historical weather data helps you determine the climatic features in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. Set up notifications and the app will notify you of high-level threats including weeds and diseases.

Connect mobile

With John Deere Connect Mobile, you can get complete information about the performance of agricultural machines, monitor and optimize their work. Deere Specialized Crop Yield Monitor connects to farm equipment via Wi-Fi to display machine performance and agronomic data. The application also sends data over the Internet to the John Deere Operations Center. In addition, the field review function makes it possible to perform scouting tasks. Users can access every layer of the map documented in the application, which will be displayed on your device at any time.


Farmmee helps farmers and service providers to win against each other. This application provides real-time communication between them. Farm owners can use the app to get the most out of their equipment and get a fair market price for their services. For example, farmers can come into contact with good drivers or harvesters. With Farmmee you can share your equipment knowledge or connect manufacturers with carriers.

Agricultural water consultant

Farm Water Advisor is an irrigation management solution developed by Yara North America. This application allows you to accurately plan crop irrigation based on the weather, irrigation system and soil moisture. Farm Water Advisor provides the user with a hyper-local weather forecast and recommendations to improve the irrigation schedule. Users are given the opportunity to increase yields through the application’s advice on how much and where to water.


Grower360 is a solution for farmers to improve their relationship with agricultural retailers. The app allows users to view all the information about their account in real time and get the necessary data to make effective decisions. The app allows farmers to get weather data, view field activity, field boundaries, maps and more. In addition, farmers have access to real-time grain information and electronic signatures on paper, cash rates and price information on futures.

Farmmobile notes

Farmmobile Notes is a free app for Farmmobile PUC users. It is a field data collection and sharing application that allows you to collect observation data and add it to your electronic field records. Users can share photos or text with time and geospatial data to determine the location where the photo was taken. This way, farmers can be kept informed of any changes or problems in the fields and take timely action.

Pocket Drone Controls

Pocket Drone Control allows you to use a crop monitoring drone efficiently and easily. The app works with the Crop Copter UAV, allowing users to quickly see bottlenecks in fields and damage from extreme weather conditions. Pocket Drone Control is developed by Agrible and is compatible with their other Morning Farm Report product. In this way, farmers have access to weather analysis tools and complete information about the fields, including the amount of nitrogen required and data on the operation of the equipment.


E-konomics offers personalized agronomic advice on nutrient management via your smartphone. The app users can apply four calculators that estimate the removal of crop nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) for various plants, provide information on crop maturity, weather conditions affecting soil nutrients, and more. The app also tells you when to use fertilizers and pesticides. With this application, you can save resources by using them more accurately, increase productivity and find the right time to harvest.

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