Best app to share files between Android and iOS

You have at least one buddy in your circle who has an Android while the rest of you are iPhone users. And it becomes extremely difficult when you want to share files, especially the photos that you take together and then you have to share it with everyone. However, many people find it difficult to convert data from Android to iPhone because they are built on completely different platforms. But here we are not just talking about sharing images, but also all files and data. Normally we would just share it on WhatsApp, but that comes at the cost of quality and it will also be a lot of work. You don’t need to use such time-consuming methods if you are using file transfer applications.

The best option you can get for file transferring are file transfer applications, which are useful between Android and iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest and most reliable file transfer applications between Android and iOS.

Best app for sharing files between Android and iOS [Without Losing Quality]


Xender offers a simple, user-friendly interface. On the main Xender screen, all files are listed in different categories. Just press the send and receive buttons to send and receive the files. A button to connect to your iPhone is also included. It also does not rely on an internet connection. The phones must be connected to the same WiFi network. Documents, music, pictures, movies and other forms of material can be distributed. You can use the app’s built-in player to play the received files. Fortunately, there are no ads. It is also available for PC and has a web version.


SHAREit is a well-known file sharing app for both Android and iPhone. SHAREit creates a hotspot network so you can transfer files without using your mobile data. You can send any type of file. It even has a file search function. After all the data is transferred, you can play the media files using the built-in player. Two more important functions are the sharing of groups and the sharing zone. While it is simple and reliable, there are way too many ads.

3. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

It is another program designed with simplicity in mind. The user interface is simple and does not contain any unnecessary features, so you can easily access all the options available. The Send Anywhere software enables both offline and online file sharing. Apps, videos, audio, photos, contacts and any other kind of files can be sent or received offline via Wi-Fi Hotspot or online with mobile data.

4. Zapya

Zapya is another nice tool that allows you to transfer files between Android, iOS and other platforms via a local Wi-Fi hotspot. It allows you to share apps, photos, videos, audio and files of any type. It also has several additional features similar to SHAREIT, such as recommending games, online videos, and an app store. You can also create or join groups to share files faster across devices, and use QR codes for faster and more secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

5. MobileTrans

This app transfers various types of phone data to another device safely and easily without sacrificing quality! For sharing content, this simple file transfer software connects via QR code. During shipping, this software does not require a Wi-Fi network, mobile data plan or connections. It is quite easy to use, allowing people to move data between devices with a single click. The trial version is free, but has limited functionality. You have to pay a fee every month to access the full version.

6. Smart Transfer: File Sharing App

It is a complete file sharing program that allows you to share files between many devices via hotspot and Wi-Fi networks. With just a few taps you can transfer or make a copy of the contents of your previous phone. It provides enhanced security methods and efficient QR code exchange procedures. Smart Transfer enables blazing-fast data transfer based on device status. You can transfer files from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone or iPad with ease. It has no limit in the size and packet of data transfer.

That’s the people! These are the few apps we’ve rounded up to make your file transfer from Android to iOS reliable, easy, and hassle-free. Tell you what method you used for your file transfer and was it worth what you were looking for.

Until next time, with a different topic. Until then, Toodles.

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