iOS 16.1.2 issues and problems

Apple has just released iOS 16.1.2, which is available for public download on all compatible devices. IOS 16.1.2 is a minor update with 2-3 improvements and security patches. Although it wasn’t a very big update, it did come with 2 bug fixes for crash detection and carrier compatibility. Speaking of security patches, Apple has not … Read more

Sokxay Plus for IOS: can I download?

I have seen a huge craze for the online lottery in recent years. There are dozens of online apps and websites available where users can register for the lottery and view the results. Sokxay Plus is one of the best lottery apps for lottery lovers. Recently, Google Trend of Laos has been thoroughly searched for … Read more

Pocket inbound on iOS

For the past few hours I’ve seen on Google Trend about the craze of downloading Pocket Incoming on iOS. Since the launch of the first Augmented Reality game; there have been many other versions. Pocket Incoming also comes under this game, and Pokemon fans love to play Pocket Incoming on iPhone. As an iPhone user, … Read more

How to use 5G in iOS 16.1.2?

Apple is aware of the current emerging technology, especially in the field of mobile networks. With 5G becoming the current trend and all smartphones supporting 5G, Apple has finally entered the race as well and with the iOS 16, iPhones with software updates will now support 5G. If you also plan to use 5G on … Read more

Download Tweakbox on iOS 16 with these easy steps

However, Apple has very strict policies regarding downloading, installing and using an app. Sure, Apple’s iPhone included many useful features, but many geeks still want to use more features and get more out of the device. At that time, the iOS version of Tweakbox comes to light for iPhone users. If you don’t find an … Read more

Is PhoneRescue for iOS safe

Recently I came across this amazing software called PhoneRescue which can help you get back your lost data in just a few steps. PhoneRescue is the lifesaver when it comes to retrieving our lost data. You can find many methods on Google to recover your data on iOS, but how many are safe for your … Read more

Christmas iOS 16 Wallpaper Download 2022

As we head towards the best holiday season of the year Christmas, people are preparing to look for new ways and ideas to celebrate the week. Also, many people prefer to keep their iPhone home screen aesthetically pleasing. Even with iOS 16, users can design the best Christmas iOS 16 wallpapers. In this article, we … Read more

iOS 16.1.2 carrier compatibility | Seen Apple

Apple’s iOS 16 software update is in the works and iOS 16.1.2 was recently released, with minor feature updates and security patches. iOS 16.1.2 is now available to the public and can be installed on all compatible devices. According to Apple’s release notes, there are 2 improvements besides all security patches. The two improvements are … Read more

YouTube crashes on iOS 16 on iPhone? How to fix

For the past 20 hours, people around the world have been reporting YouTube crashing on iOS 16. Google Trend and Twitter are full of searches and reports on YouTube’s fix that keeps crashing on iPhone in iOS 16. As an iPhone user, I also noticed the glitch in YouTube on iOS 16 with iPhone 13. … Read more

What’s new in iOS 16.1.2?

Just three weeks after the release of iOS 16.1.1, Apple released iOS 16.1.2 to the public. This is an iPhone update only and no additional updates have been released beyond iOS 16.1.2. If you’re upgrading from iOS 16.1.1, this update should be about 335 megabytes; however, the size of the download may vary depending on … Read more