Audio message iOS 16 not working

iOS 16 software update has already been released, but with its features, it also brought certain issues and bugs. These issues have also affected the performance of all iPhone devices. One of these issues is that the audio messages are not working properly. Since the iOS 16 updates, there have been many complaints from users that their audio messages are not working. Although this problem went unnoticed because there are not enough complaints.

There were many bugs and issues that could have caused this, but there are no specific bugs for audio messages. Therefore, it is possible that audio messages not working properly is not entirely the fault of iOS 16. Although in some cases, audio messages may be affected by bugs that have yet to be fixed. It is worth noting that this problem occurred not only on the iMessage app but also on other third-party applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

Audio message not working on iOS 16?

When you receive an audio message, you may encounter an issue where you cannot download the audio message despite a good internet connection, or after the download is complete, you may not hear any sound or cannot record the audio message because it randomly stops working. There can be many reasons other than bugs in iOS 16 updates.

Audio Message Not Working iOS 16: Solutions

Before jumping to a conclusion, you should try some of the solutions below to see if it fixes the audio message not working issue or not.

Disable sound recognition / hey Siri:

If the sound recognition function is enabled, recording audio messages may not work properly. I suggest you disable this feature from the control center and then try recording audio messages again. You may also want to disable the hey Siri feature as it may be the cause of this problem.

To stop screen recording:

If you are capturing a screen on your device, you may have an audio and sound problem. You may not be able to hear clear audio messages when screen recording is enabled. To listen to audio messages or send them from your side, you need to disable screen recording. If you want to send the audio message, you can record it in voice memo app first and then enable screen recording.

Third Party Application:

If this problem occurs with a third-party application such as WhatsApp or Instagram, first make sure that you have granted the necessary permission for audio messages from the settings app. Go to the settings app > Select the app (WhatsApp) > Turn on the microphone option.

Storage area:

If you are unable to download audio messages on your device, it may be because of the storage space. Try to free up some storage space and delete unwanted messages, documents and media so that you can download audio messages.

Reset iPhone:

This can be used as a last resort if disabling features doesn’t work. By resetting your device, you can get rid of some unwanted bugs that caused all the trouble and fix everything bug-free. So resetting your device to factory settings can solve the audio message problem.

That’s it, folks! If you have also encountered this problem, please report it in the Apple support forum. Let us know in the comment section below if you tried any of the solutions to fix the audio message not working issue and whether it worked for you or not.

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