Apple presents the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13″

It’s been almost exactly two years since Apple made the far-reaching announcement that it was now parting ways with Intel and trying its luck with in-house chips. After the great success of chip development for the iPhone and iPad, Apple saw the time to switch to the Mac. It took a few more months for the first devices to hit the market (MacBook Air, Mac mini M1, MacBook Pro 13″ M1), but when they were able to prove themselves for the first time in everyday use, the industry was excited. The regular M1 was followed by the variants M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra Now Apple has unveiled its first major overhaul that goes beyond just increasing the number of cores. The M2 debuted at WWDC and is making its debut again in MacBook Air — as Apple says,

Details about the M2 chip: improved performance

It’s not just the per-core performance that sets the M2 apart from the M1, but also the significantly improved graphics performance. Earlier it was said that Apple is starting exactly at this point – also with extra cores. Apple says the M2 offers 18 percent more CPU power, still uses four performance and four efficiency cores — but with a faster memory connection. In the graphics area, however, it is an increase of 35 percent, because there are now ten GPU cores in the system chip. The maximum RAM configuration is 24 GB, previously it was only 16 GB.

The design of the new MacBook Air

While Apple has kept the chassis design of the first M1 Macs completely the same, the new MacBook Air has also received a highly visible visual makeover. The design language is based on the MacBook Pro presented at the end of 2021, but looks much more discreet and sleek. Compared to the previous MacBook Air, the device has become even thinner. The display is slightly larger (13.6″ instead of 13.3″), but there is also a notch. Four speakers provide sound, plus three microphones and spatial audio support. 2x Thunderbolt and MagSafe are available for connections. Fast charging is also possible. As for battery life, Apple documents up to 20 hours of video playback.

MacBook Pro 13″ with M2 chip

Unlike the MacBook Air, Apple hasn’t fundamentally changed the design. Instead, you get the familiar housing and there’s still the Touch Bar. Given the active cooling, the computing power is initially identical to that of the MacBook Air. However, after intensive use, the Air has to reduce its performance somewhat, unlike the Pro.

Price and availability

Delivery of the updated notebooks should begin “in the next month”. However, it will be interesting to see how delivery times develop – the market situation has eased only slightly and Quanta’s production facilities would still not be running at full capacity. The MacBook Air costs a minimum of $1199 (€1499) and the MacBook Pro a minimum of $1299 (€1599). Incidentally, the MacBook Air M1 remains in the range for 999 dollars (1199 euros).

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