Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs with this new feature in iOS 16 Beta

Apple recently released iOS 16 beta 3 and it brought with it several new features and functions that have increased our excitement for the upcoming operating system.

In the third beta of iOS 16, Apple has subtly paid tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs. With this feature in iOS 16, the iPhone maker has taken us on a nostalgic journey.

15 years ago Steve Jobs changed the face of the smartphone world with the launch of the iPhone. It fulfilled the potential of the next generation of smartphones. Everything was great and new at the time, including the full touchscreen and the swipe to unlock the device.

When Job took the stage and first introduced the first iPhone to the world, the original iPhone had a clownfish wallpaper. This wallpaper has never shipped with iOS until now.

In iOS 16 beta 3, some users may see the “clownfish wallpaper” in their wallpaper settings. Well, there’s nothing special about this wallpaper, but the only thing that makes it iconic and special is that it was the wallpaper that was on Steve Jobs’ iPhone 1 at launch.

Twitter user Jack Roberts tweeted about noticing this iconic wallpaper and industry analyst Mark Gurman retweeted with the caption: “Some users seem to be seeing a new Clownfish wallpaper in iOS 16 beta 3. This is the wallpaper Steve Jobs made used when the original iPhone was released, announced in 2007 – but it never actually shipped with an iPhone. Here we are 15 years later.”

Well, a lot of people think that Apple users love every little thing Apple does and make a big deal out of it, but this is something special, iconic and a subtle tribute to Steve Jobs after 15 years.

If you want to set the clownfish wallpaper, you can find and download it on the web, but Apple adds it after 15 years of wallpaper, which makes it super special.

In the betas of iOS 16, Apple has shown many new features that every user will get their hands on after the launch of the iPhone 14. If you’re feeling FOMO and can’t wait for the final version of iOS 16 to come out in September, the iOS 16 can -beta easy to download and install.

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