Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Price & Release Date

With a few months to go before the iPhone 14 launch (as in September 2022), it’s not surprising that people are extremely excited to get their hands on the new model. Apple has reportedly improved in multiple areas including price, design, camera, hardware, etc.

If we are to believe the rumors, Apple is also planning to overhaul two of its upcoming models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So if you’re worried about the iPhone 14 Pro Max price, release date and specs, we’ve sorted all the details for you in this guide.

Design elements

The upcoming iPhone 14 will reportedly have a new notch design, especially with the hole and pill-shaped cutout.

But when it comes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the model comes with the standard 6.7-inch display just like the previous versions. One thing that will be a little different with the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Max is the flat design for a comfortable grip and the ergonomic design element.

The back panel still comes with durable glass for optimum strength and support. One thing that will be different with the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the thin, flat bezels and a larger camera bump.


Moving on to the design elements, the next thing users can expect from the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the A16 Bionic chipset. This is expected to provide improved performance and efficiency for the new iPhone model.

Also, the iPhone 14 Pro models will come with the Always-on display for an even better performance experience for the users from start to finish.

Battery life

If you’ve used an Apple product in your life, you probably know that Apple doesn’t compromise on usability and battery life.

The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to come with a 4323 mAh battery for extended all-day battery life, which looks and looks promising at the moment. At the moment, however, these are rumors as Apple has not yet confirmed all the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 14.

Prices and availability

The iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available at a starting price of $1,099 and $1,199.00, according to rumours. However, there are no confirmed pre-orders and official launch date of the model yet. But we can expect Apple to launch the new iPhone 14 at their September event.


As the launch date approaches, we can most likely expect Apple to make the big reveal and official announcement of the iPhone event soon. Until then, keep your eyes peeled in this space for further updates.

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