Apple iOS 16 announced: features and everything new

The wait is finally over! Apple’s biggest event, WWDC 2022, is finally here. Get your popcorn and laptops ready, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. There are many highly anticipated updates that we are going to get. We are getting the long awaited iOS 16 update and here are all the updates and features that we will get. Most of the updates are as we predicted before.

iOS 16 New Lock Screen: Hands-on

The first major update we get is lock screen† We can now customize the lock screen according to our needs, from color filter to font and images. And all these changes can take place with just a long press on your iPhone. And you’ll be happy to know that you can also customize every part of the lock screen. It also comes with suggested pictures for your lock screen. To me, the most amazing feature of this is that we can now create a lot of custom lock screens and switch them every now and then. You also have an option to hide notifications so that they don’t obscure your lock screen background. You can even roll the notifications to the bottom of your lock screen.

Extensive Share Play features for messages.

The other update we get is Share Play. As we all know, Share Play used to only work with facetime. But now with this update, game sharing goes a step further. It not only works with facetime but also supports iMessages. Users can now share their screen content via face time and iMessages. We can share movies, songs and even game screen content with other people through iMessages and Face Time. They can even pause and play music or movies at the same time.


Apple is currently working on a method that will make Apple Wallet the only place where you can keep all your digital credentials and keys. Soon you will be able to share the digital key with family and friends, which is useful for hotel rooms or when a friend comes to stay with you. The capability is being expanded to allow sharing with non-iPhone users as well.

Pay with Apple

Merchants can now accept Apple Pay payments simply by holding their iPhone against their customer’s iPhone. No card reader or attachment is required. Apple Pay has now expanded in the US, where many stores have joined in accepting Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later is one of the best updates we’ll get. It allows users to split the payments of the products and pay overtime later, with no additional interest. And this feature of Apple Pay is only available where the stores accept Apple Pay. You may be given the option to make 4 equal payments of the products without any additional interest.

Apple WWDC 2022: WatchOS 9

Apple just unveiled the WatchOS 9 health update with some new features that Apple Watch users have been waiting for a long time. Not one but four new watch faces will be available on watchOS. The astronomy dial gets a makeover, there’s a new moon dial, “playtime” with whimsical numbers, and metropolitan, which honestly looks the coolest. Running apps can now be pinned by users. The Podcast app in watchOS 9 offers search for new podcasts. WatchOS 9 gets a brand new feature with new sleep tracking features in the sleep app that allows users to track their core, deep and REM sleep stages. This also brings several changes to Apple’s ecosystem. The basic features we are going to get are new complications, watch faces, notifications and the ability to pin apps. The workout app also gets a new feature with new running stats and heart rate zone. Apple has also updated the fitness app by bringing new health activity tracking features to iPhone users with Apple Watch. Users can even keep their medication logs on an Apple Watch running watchOS 9. This is a very useful feature, especially for those who keep forgetting to take their medication. This can also be managed on the iPhone through the health app.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting all the live updates from the WWDC 2022 event. More from the WWDC 2022 event coming soon.

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