Apple extends security tool for iPhone users

We all know that Apple is very concerned about the safety of its users. They spend millions of dollars every month to upgrade their security protocol. The amount of effort they put into making their product much safer has received appreciation from the consumer community. Unfortunately, hackers get aggressive and try to extract vital information from the used iPhone using advanced tools.

To face the increasing threat from the hacker community, Apple has developed a new security tool. This unique tool can lock some core iPhone functions and protect user’s data in a smart way. Let’s go into more details.


Apple has already filed a lawsuit against Israeli security firm NSO. According to Apple, NSO is quietly exploiting Apple software and installing spyware on its users. Although it is an international lawsuit and we have yet to know the results, it would be wise to assume that Apple’s security has been breached to some extent.

Do consumers think it is important?

You might think that the mass consumers associated with Apple’s echo system don’t really care about the spyware. In reality, most Apple consumers are overly concerned about their security. The fact that Apple has taken a step against NSO gives their customer strong confidence that they are not making the wrong choice by choosing the expensive iPhone every year.

User actions

As an active iPhone user, we strongly recommend that you also consider the security precautions. Instead of relying on the companies that provide security patches, learn to hide your digital footprint online. With the help of a simple VPN, you can strengthen your security to a great extent. Just hide the IP address and keep using the internet and the hackers will never know your location. In fact, using VPN also encrypts the data during the transfer process thus stepping into your security protocol. In addition, you should be able to use the public network, as no one knows about your presence in the network.

Apple’s security tool

The new security tool that Apple is going to provide to its user works according to a very simple rule. The security protocol blocks all attachments sent in your message from unknown users. In fact, strangers can no longer FaceTime without your permission. The emails are strictly monitored so that the system is not compromised by a minor error on the part of the user.

To take things to the next level, Apple is going to offer up to $2 million for each qualified weakness in their new security protocol. Let’s say you tested the new device and found a major bug. So Apple is going to pay a decent amount just because you managed to find a major flaw in their software.

The future of the iPhone

Some people think that the future of iPhone is not so bright when the most notorious hacker targets iPhone users. It’s true that most elite-class people use the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s security is completely lost. In fact, compared to other operating systems, they are still at the top when it comes to maintaining their security protocol. We may see more drastic steps from Apple in the near future that will strengthen their security. While it will limit certain functionalities of the apps, it will only happen for the first time. If you consider a particular contact to be safe, you won’t have any more problems.


Security has always been one of the main selling points for the iPhone. So if you think you are going to get a new Apple device with a weak security system, you are wrong. You should expect a significant improvement in their security protocol and so you should become more confident in the advanced data stored on your iPhone.

Try to educate yourself well and learn about the basic techniques of cyber hacking. The more you learn, the better you will become at protecting yourself from the threat of the hacker.

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