Apple brings these great features to iOS 16

While many users enjoy and criticize the new Pregnant Man emoji in the latest iOS 15.4 update, many iOS geeks are eagerly awaiting the next iOS 16 update. Over the past two years, Apple has done a great job adding great iPhone features.

And now Apple plans to add some new and amazing features in the next iOS 16.

Live text on iOS 15 and changing app icons on iOS 14 were great features for iPhone users. The widgets were great too, but what would be best on iOS 16 right now? What does Apple plan to add new feature to iOS 16? Let’s discuss this here.

iOS 16 Rumors Features

  1. With the new iOS 16, Apple is working on making some changes and improving the notifications for iPhone users. Currently, many users on iOS 15 don’t get much problem with the notifications. So we can expect improvements in notifications.
  2. Like watchOS 9, we may see the new Crash Detection feature on the upcoming iOS 16.
  3. As the AR world grows, Apple also plans to provide preliminary support for Apple’s mixed-reality headset.
  4. There has been an improvement in the Health app as Apple extends sleep tracking.
  5. A new drug management is coming to scan pills and get reminders.
  6. For women’s health, Apple is adding a new special feature.
  7. Apple Music is getting the new Classical Music feature, which specializes in classical music metadata. It would have the same interface as Primephonic. There will be more options such as visual, auditory and haptic. There will be a new option to redirect the songs from Apple Music app to Apple Classical. Apple Music also supports Lossless and Spatial Audio.

If you’re excited about these 16 iOS features mentioned above, you’ll have to wait until the month of June for the WWDC 2022 event, the year when Apple will announce the highly anticipated iOS 16 update.

Did you like the above features with rumors? What feature do you want to see on the next iOS 16? Share your feedback in the comment box.

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