AMC App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix

While watching the Better Call Saul episode last week, I noticed an error, so I can’t watch the episode because the AMC app isn’t working on my iPhone. When I searched for a solution, I saw that thousands of people have the problem with the AMP+ app not working. Many users reported the issue on Twitter with memes when the AMC app stopped working while watching Better Call Saul.

Even the people still complain about “error, there is no season in the show”, “AMC app black screen”, “AMC loading video failed error code 400”, “AMC Plus error code 403”, and more problems. However, we have tried to find the best solutions and here are some working methods to fix AMC app problem on iPhone.

How to fix AMC app not working on iPhone

Method 1: Check for Official Update

Since many users are facing this issue, we can expect an official statement from AMC developers if there is any problem with the app or bug. Therefore, keep an eye on the official page related to the solution.

Method 2: Switch Wi-Fi

Sometimes the unstable Wi-Fi or Internet connection interrupts the streaming of AMC apps. So, if you encounter any problem while streaming on the AMC app on your iOS device, you can switch to a different Wi-Fi network to check if the AMC app works properly.

Method 3: Look for the most recent app update.

If you see the AMC app not working issue for dozens of users, there might be something wrong with the currently installed version of the app. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the App Store to check if the new AMC app update is available. If the new update is available, you will need to download and install it.

Method 4: Clear AMC caches

Clearing caches of the AMC app also helps to get rid of the AMC app error. Therefore, you can go to Settings > General > AMC App > iPhone Storage > Offload App and reinstall AMC.

Method 5: Update to iOS 15

When we searched for the solution, we also saw that many users who have updated their iPhone to iOS 15 are not facing the problem that the AMC app is not working. Therefore, you can also try this method and install the latest version of IOS 15 update and try to use the app.


For many users, the above method worked to fix the AMC app issue. Which method worked for you? Do you know any other methods? Share with other users in the comment box.

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