All-in-on telecom services in the Numero eSIM app

Imagine having a second phone in your current phone without buying a new one. Not only this! but via this second (virtual) phone you can also purchase all communication services with which you can communicate locally and internationally at a lower cost!

Numero eSIM application is a virtual phone in your phone. With the Numero eSIM application installed on your mobile device, you can enjoy all communication services from a single platform.

The Numero eSIM application is necessary for all categories, be it for personal use or business use, local or international, and while traveling.

What are Numero’s telecom services?

As mentioned above Numero app provides all communication services, these services and features are:

Telecom services:

  • Second phone numbers: without the need for a physical SIM card (virtual numbers) from over 80 countries and 4000 cities around the world.
  • US second phone numbers: to call, text and register in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and other apps and websites.
  • Local and regional data plans: from over 150 countries around the world (for eSIM supported devices only).
  • Calling credit: global calling credit, and local calling credit for certain countries.


  • Voicemail, call forwarding and anonymous number.
  • Make and receive calls with the Numero app at affordable and reasonable rates.
  • Call at local rates to many countries through local calling plans.

Numero eSIM has gained the trust of millions around the world since its launch in 2018.

Check out the Numero eSIM website for more information about their products and services.

Curious about virtual numbers?

A virtual phone number is actually a real number, but without a physical SIM card. It is used to make and receive calls like the number you get through the physical SIM card through your regular carrier, the difference is in the technology used, as virtual numbers use VoIP technology, VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which means users have a decent internet connection to make and receive calls using virtual numbers.

Why use Numero?

Privacy: You don’t have to share your real phone number with strangers, share your virtual number instead. You can also register on many social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and websites. Users can also activate the private number function while calling, which ensures more privacy for the user. For business, you can only use the second number for business and separate your private life from your business.

Affordable: International calling at very competitive rates, the Numero application also allows users to get a free US number by collecting coins through the free coin center. Numero recently launched a new feature; local calling plans, which allow many users to make international calls to a number of countries (such as USA, Canada, and UK, etc.) at local rates, and this makes the users save a lot of money, especially if they regularly visit call these destinations. Travelers no longer need to resort to the expensive roaming service as they can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world on a virtual number and receive free calls using only a decent internet connection.

Never miss a call again: Activate call forwarding and voicemail features in the Numero app in case you’re busy or don’t have an internet connection, so you don’t miss a call.

International calls and professional presence in other countries for business: getting a phone number for a country your partners or customers are in will make communicating with them easier as if you were in the same country, saving you and them the cost of international calls, and spreading your business worldwide with these virtual numbers.

Customer Support (for businesses): toll-free numbers are to be used in customer service departments, available for many countries, meaning that a business owner who has an audience in several countries can customize these numbers to get closer to customers and encourage them to call.

Time saving (for travelers): travelers can purchase eSIM data packs even before embarking on the trip, and these packs can be activated upon arrival at the destination without having to run to airports to find a local SIM card or activate expensive roaming.

How to benefit from Numero?

Getting Numero products and services is very easy, just follow these steps:

1.Download the Numero eSIM app.

2. Complete registration with your primary number.

3.Check the products and services in the app and complete the purchase.

Please contact Numero eSIM Customer Service if you encounter any issues or have any questions.

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